Cheap Home Gym Workouts, Exercises, & Fitness Gear Tips

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a home gym to get an effective fatloss workout.

All the equipment you need for time efficient at home workouts will run you anywhere from $50-$500 depending on what fitness gear you choose.  All the fitness gear pictured above that I've collected over the years adds up to around $500 and you don't need it all to get fit.

The best part about having your own cheap home gym is that it  can actually help you reach your fatloss goals faster than most fancy $4000 machines or a $600 per year gym membership.

Below you'll find the best home gym workouts and exercises plus helpful fitness gear tips for great fatloss workouts.

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Best Home Gym Equipment, Exercises, & Workouts

Adjustable Dumbbells and dumbbell exercises, dumbbell workouts, and dumbbell tips.

Gliding Disc Exercises and tips plus valslide exercises, workouts, and tips.

Gymboss Interval Timer Training gymboss workouts, gymboss tabata intervals and gymboss timer tips.

Jump Rope Exercises and tips and no-jumping rolling ropes workout options too.

Kettlebell Workouts exercises and tips plus sandbag, sandbell, clubbell, or dumbbell exercises that can substitute for kb moves.

Medicine Ball Exercises and medicine ball options, tips and workouts.

Pull Up Bar Exercises pullup bar options, tips, alternatives and pullup bar workouts.

Resistance Band Exercises and resistance band options, tips and workouts.

Stability Ball Exercises stability ball options, tips, workouts and more.

Suspension Trainer Workouts trx workouts, trx exercises, suspension trainer options, tips and more.

Cheap Home Gym Equipment Questions, Tips, & Advice

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How Cheap Home Gym Workouts Can Help You Burn More Fat

  • Home gym workouts save money. A good quality cheap home gym can cost as little as $50 while a two year gym membership (startup fee and monthy dues for 24 months) is typically $600-$1500 depending on what type of deal you are able to get.
  • Working out at home saves time. When you train at the gym you have to spend time packing your shower gear, clothes, and post workout meals. Then you have to drive to the gym, park, check in, grab a locker, etc. You could complete an entire fat blasting workout in that amount of time.
  • Home workouts get better results. Finding the time and motivation to get to the gym is half the battle but then you add overcrowding, germs, and a meat market vibe and you're motivation diminishes further. A 3 year study found that gym members attend the gym 4.8 times per month so the gym contract does nothing to boost motivation and lack of attendance means poor results.

Other reasons why cheap home gym workouts are better: less intimidation, and embarrassment, listen to the music you love, wear whatever you like, take your home workouts anywhere, no evil health club contracts, extra money for workout plans that work. Subscribe to our newsletter for more great home gym workouts and tips!