Best Running Shoes for Fat Burning Workouts

Getting the best running shoes for intense fat burning workouts or high energy bootcamp workouts reduces impact and promotes proper alignment that results in better performance.

This allows you to burn more fat and calories and keeps your body injury and pain free.

Below you'll find 5 awesome workout shoes that cushion, stabilize, grip, and flex so you can focus on burning the fat and getting results.

Best Running Shoes for High Intensity Workouts

Adidas Supernova Sequence Running Shoe These running shoes are the best workout shoes for mild pronators or those with neutral feet. They cushion and absorb shock like no other running shoe I've owned. They also stabilize, grip, and flex so your feet and your entire body moves more efficiently. They energize your workout and are super light.

NIKE Air Max Moto +5 New Running Provide great cushioning, arch support, and stability. Have a snug heel but roomy toe box and feel incredibly flexible. A great shoe for people who need a bit more arch, ankle, and knee support during high impact workouts.

Saucony Progrid Ride Running Shoe Is a great shoe for the underpronator. If your feet tend to roll out or you often grind your smaller toes into the ground when lunging or jumping this shoe will correct those imbalances so your body is aligned and your muscles are firing correctly. Feels good on neutral feet as well.

Mizuno Women's Wave Alchemy 7 A super supportive shoe for severe overpronators. If your arches tend to collapse and you lose your balance when you lunge, do jumping jacks, or squat then these shoes provide amazing support and cushioning. Not as flexible as some of the other shoes but a great choice for those looking to correct lower body imbalances and avoid knee and hip injuries.

Ryka Core Strenth XT Training Shoe The Kelly Ripa shoe is an amazing crosstraining shoe designed for super active women who enjoy all types of workouts. They stabilize, absorb shock, and are super flexible. They don't cushion as much as some of the other shoes but are still great shoes. Check out the video of Kelly in action.

How To Get The Best Running Shoes Every Time

The best thing you can do for your feet, your body, and your workouts is to get your feet analyzed and get the best running shoe for your foot type.

Most running shops offer this service for free and you are not obligated to buy anything.

A well trained running shoe expert will look for 3 things to determine your foot type including:

1. Arch height

2. Pronation

3. Foot Flexibility

It only takes a few minutes to get your feet analyzed and get recommendations for your unique foot type.

Get the best running shoes and fitness apparel for your fat burning workouts.