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TRX Suspension Trainer vs. Lifeline Jungle Gym

by Tammy
(Tucson AZ)

Hi Monica I noticed you use the TRX often in your workouts. I was wondering if you have used the Lifeline Jungle Gym (Portable Monkey Bar Gym) which is also a suspension type system.

For the noticeable price difference is one really better then the other? Just curious, thank you for your time and all the great information on your site.

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TRX Suspension Trainer vs. Lifeline Jungle Gym

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differences between trx and jungle gym
by: Monica

Hey Tammy

I love the TRX but I can tell you from my own experience that it was hard to justify buying it until I read the TRX vs. Jungle Gym comparison at the BradRants blog.

Here are the main differences:

1. You can anchor the TRX from virtually anywhere and the TRX offers many anchoring solutions too. Jungle Gym is limited to doors and overhead objects.

2. TRX is super easy to adjust so you can switch back and forth from exercises quickly. Jungle Gym is a pain in the butt to adjust. We had one at the studio a long time ago and nobody used it because it was so hard to adjust.

3. TRX is comfortable to work with and this is a HUGE deal for me and for my older clients. The handles are soft, it has foot cradles, and it's much more sturdy. Jungle Gym handles are hard plastic, no foot cradles, and the straps are so thin and get twisted easily.

4. TRX is safer because it has a suspension anchor and carabiner that keeps it in place plus the new version that came out about a week after I bought mine has an equalizer loop to keep the straps the same length. This is a huge help for people who struggle with strength imbalances.

5. TRX offers tons of helpful videos so you'll actually use it. They have an entire community that you can join for free that posts workouts and challenges plus since it's the suspension trainer of choice for most trainers you can find tons of free workouts for it online.

To be fair I think the Lifeline USA Jungle Gym is a decent suspension trainer for people who are strapped for cash or not that serious about their training (they just want to use it for the occasional bodyweight row).

Anybody who is really into fitness and looking for a quality piece of fitness gear they'll use for all types of workouts is better of getting the TRX.

Check out Randy's set up and use clinic below to learn more.

Jungle Gym Is Better
by: Anonymous

Which Jungle Gym did you use? The split version is the way to go and in my opinion clearly superior to the TRX as it is more versatile. The new version with solid footstraps is probably the gold standard for suspension trainers at the moment and is significantly less expensive than the TRX.


by: lee

have been using trx for over two years , both in my own training & with clients. it is adaptable to ALL fitness levels. also it is quite durable... after countless hours of use, it is now showing some wear on the grip covers. 5 stars

suspension training is awesome
by: Monica

Thanks for the input guys. I really appreciate your POV. The jungle gym I used was definitely an older model from 2003 so maybe they've improved it a lot.

One of the TRX's at our studio (the camo trx pictured here) has some serious wear and tear. The handles are falling apart so they've been taped up but the newer yellow TRX's are not doing too bad and they do get used a lot by trainers and clients. My TRX at home is in great shape but other than our 4 monkeys (kids) I'm the only one that really uses it.

After watching all kinds of videos on ring training and following coach Hurst's pullup primer workout plan for 6 weeks, I think I would just go with ring training instead of a split suspension trainer but that's only because I do aerial dance and ring training provides similar movement patterns to trapeze dance. I think a split suspension system is great too! It's all good as long as you have fun with it : )

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