Best Home Fitness Equipment for Fat Burning Workouts

Getting the best home fitness equipment is a must for great fat burning workouts at home especially if you're serious about getting great results.

Learn what home fitness equipment is essential and be sure to watch my workout video to see all the fun stuff you can do with your home fitness equipment.

Must Have Home Fitness Equipment: The Essential Stuff

Adjustable Dumbbells: Are essential for bent over rows, squats, lunges, presses, and core work. If you buy regular you'll need to buy light, medium, and heavy to accomodate your entire body. Adjustable dumbbells are more versatile and take up less space.

Jump Rope: Super effective for burning fat, building endurance and agility. Also great for arm and shoulder workouts and can be a great ab workout too. For as little as $7 go can't go wrong!

Stability Ball: You'll need one for chest work, core work, and leg work. They also come in handy when stretching and easily sub for a bench. If you're under 5'4" then a 55 cm is a much better fit. People taller than 6'1" might feel more comfortable on a 75 cm ball or you can try a stability ball that can go either way 65 cm - 75 cm.

Resistance Bands: These are great for full body exercises like chop squats, reverse lunges with rows, high pulls, punches, and more. They're also great for travel workouts. The red cable is moderate resistance and the blue cable is hard but you can get an entire set for less.

Step-Up Bench: Perfect for building lean legs, cardio intervals, plyo workouts, and can sub as a bench for upper body exercises and ab workouts.

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More Home Fitness Equipment: The Advanced Stuff

Balance Discs: Great for adding intensity to lower body workouts and ab workouts without having to increase weight. A must for people who need balance and strong ankles, runner, hikers, yogis.

Gliding Discs: Perfect for adding intensity to mountain climbers, plank to pikes, all types of lunges, and can also sub for the power wheel and balance discs.

Kettlebells: Great for full body functional workouts that blast tons of fat and calories, improve posture, boost metabolism, save time, and tone the entire body.

Medicine Ball:These are great for chest and arm workouts, ab workouts, cardio intervals that require swinging or throwing, and fast paced leg work. A 6-8 lb medicine ball is great for beginners and a 10-12 lb. ball is best for intermediates and advanced.

Power Wheel: A great piece of fitness gear for more advanced core work including traveling planks, upper body roll-outs, knee-ins, pikes, plyo jumps, and so much more. Also found to be the best ab exercise in an independent study.

Pull Up Bar: A must for building upper body strength, banishing back fat and toning up the arms. They're also great for fatloss workouts and all types of ab exercises like hanging knee raises, leg raises, wipers, toes to hands and more.

Suspension Trainer: Great for challenging bodyweight exercises that strengthen and tone, fat blasting intervals, single leg exercises and intense core work. Can be attached to any door, overhead anchor, a tree, or playground equipment. A great substitute for a pull up bar if you are not strong enough for pullup bar exercises. It's also small and portable.