DIY Suspension Trainer or Affordable Suspension Trainers

by Monica

Don't have $200 to fork over for a fancy pants TRX? We all know that's no excuse for not doing fun suspension trainer exercises.

One of our visitors made her own suspension trainer for $20.59! Check out the homemade suspension trainer video to see how or look into more affordable suspension trainers and exercise straps at the links below.

These average around $50-$70 and might work better for the DIY challenged (like me).

Elite Rings Freestyle Trainer (most popular)

GTX Suspension Gym (not available yet)

Lifeline USA Jungle Gym (been around the longest)

Vegas Pro Systems Stability Trainer (longer straps)

Another suspension training option is the TACFIT "suspension trainer" in the video below. It's all about what you do with the equipment that really matters.

Rope - $4
Tacfit R.O.P.E. workout plan - $49
Ingenuity and killer results getting workout - priceless!

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