Lose Body Fat The Easy Way

There are only two ways to lose body fat, the hard way and the easy way.

I'm so familiar with the hard way that at one point I thought I invented it but then I learned the easy way to lose fat, even stubborn fat and the result is this entire website.

All I do now is spend most of my time helping other people who are frustrated with stubborn fat, finally get results. It's what I do best and it's the reason this site continues to get so much traffic. Below are my 7 Steps To Lose Body Fat The Easy Way. If you want more detailed info about the process be sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter by entering your name in the box on the right.

7 Simple Steps to Lose Body Fat The Easy Way

1. Focus on Taking Action - Too many people focus on the problem instead of the solution, i.e. I had one client who constantly talked about how fat his belly was, how miserable he was because of his belly fat, how to lose the belly fat, what others thought of his belly fat, how he couldn't go to the beach because of his darn belly fat, how the belly fat jiggled when doing jumping jacks!

When I asked him what actions he was taking each and every hour of every single day of every month to lose body fat he looked at me as if I was insane. I think focusing so much on your fat is insane! Focus on solutions not problems!! Get started with a super effective Fatloss Supersets Workout today.

2. Fix Your Posture - One of the most overlooked lose body fat solutions is proper body alignment. Not as exciting as acai berries or Insanity Workouts but totally necessary. When you don't align your body you just don't get good range of motion, your endurance stinks and you can't push yourself as hard during workouts because your mind fights your efforts in order to keep you from getting injured.

Try my Fatloss Yoga Workout a few times a week. After cardio or total body circuits is the best time for this. It will align your body and boost your workout efforts in a big way.

3. Focus on Health & Restoring Balance - So many people (myself included), approach fatloss from a very aggressive standpoint. Cut carbs, slash calories, extreme detox diets and dangerous supplements, hardcore workouts 2 hours a day, etc. etc.

It's like you're punishing yourselves for years of abuse when what your body needs is balance and health and well being.

Find ways to be kind to your body every single hour of every day (ice cream and wine after dinner not so kind, btw). Approach fatloss with a health first attitude and you'll lose the fat without trying so hard.

4. Detox Your Body The Right Way - Stop eating processed foods, get plenty of purified water, and eat fat burning foods instead. This works better and faster and you can do it for life. Don't buy any detox supplements or diets until you've tried this for at least four weeks. No processed foods of any kind. This is so obvious yet most people just don't do this. Just do it!

5. Eliminate or Minimize Stimulants - Are you on the caffeine roller coaster like I was and like many of my clients are? If you are using tons of caffeine to boost energy then you're fatloss is going to take a VERY long time (if it even happens at all). Cut this stuff out or cut way back and your energy levels are going to skyrocket and your workouts are going to ROCK like never before. A little caffeine is o.k. A lot wreaks havoc on hormonal balance and energy levels (both key to fatloss).

6. Eliminate or Minimize Depressants - Are you on the caffeine/alcohol roller coaster, using caffeine to boost energy and alcohol to relax? This is going to stop your lose body fat plan dead in it's tracks. This is a huge issue for stressed out people and it's definitely not easy to change but it's a must for fatloss. See the next step for solutions.

7. Address Toxic Stress - The stress isn't going to go away ever, but it makes you eat and drink things you shouldn't and skip workouts or have not so intense workouts.

Find ways to combat toxic stress with proper diet, regular exercise and fun stress reduction strategies. One of my favorite stress reduction strategies is hula hooping. I also love hiking, aerial dance, playing at the park with my son, books, movies, and music.

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