Fat Burning Workout Programs

The workout programs below are great for fatloss, toning, and fitness. They're anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks long and include the workouts found on this site.

If you are not sure about creating your own exercise programs then this is the perfect place for you to start.

After 4 to 8 weeks on any of the fitness programs below you'll know exactly how to progress from moderate to challenging so eventually you'll be able to pick and choose your favorite workouts from the site and combine them to create exercise programs that fit your lifestyle.

Great Workout Programs for Beginner to Intermediate

At Home Weightloss Workouts Plan is a 2 week plan that includes 12 days of weightloss workouts. A great way to learn how to use some of the most popular workouts on the site to lose weight.

Bootcamp Fitness Challenge is an 8 week bootcamp program designed for people who want to burn fat and look great. Three phases (moderate to super challenging) with 10 different workouts. Great for all levels.

Free Workout Plan is a 4 week full body workout plan for people who want to burn fat, get seriously fit, and look great fast. Can be modified to any fitness level.

Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp will boost workout motivation and burn fat while you have tons of fun. The 6 fatloss workouts that my bootcamp clients love and the reason they keep signing up for more.

Quick Fat Loss Plan is an 8 week program that includes 6 quick workouts per week Great for busy people who need to boost fatloss quickly.

Weightloss Workout Plan is a 6 week workout plan that includes 6 easy to follow workouts that burn the fat quickly with the best weightloss exercises combined into circuits.

Great Workout Programs for Intermediate to Advanced

30 Minute Workout Plan 4 weeks of mobility, strength, and flexibility workouts designed to help you burn fat, get healthy, and get fit.

Core Workouts Fatloss & Fitness Plan is a 6 week plan that improves core function and sculpts a ean toned dancers body all without having to deal with silly hardcore workouts that sap your energy levels.

Primal Fitness Workouts Plan burns fat and skyrockets your endurance with exercises that correct postural imbalances, improve core and total body strength, and boost energy and metabolism.

Sexy Body Bootcamp Plan is a 6 week plan designed to burn fat, tone from head to toe as well as build tons of strength and boost flexibility. For women looking to lose the fat but keep the curves.

Toning Workout Routines 6 weeks of time efficient workouts that burn fat, tone all your trouble zones, and boost lean muscle without adding bulk. For women and men who want the lean toned look.

Wedding Workouts Plan is great for busy brides who needs results fast. You get 2 weeks of quick bootcamp workouts that burn fat and tone every inch of your body so you can look and feel fabulous in your wedding dress.

Best Online & DVD Workout Programs

I have tried many many workouts in my lifetime and the ones below are my favorites. They all work but some systems work better for some than they do for others. This really all depends on your workout preferences, fitness level, abilities, and lifestyle. My favorite of all these is Tacfit but I've been training all my life so if you are a beginner I highly recommend starting out with the other programs.

Barry's Bootcamp Complete Workout System is one of the best workout programs for beginners and intermediates looking to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, and especially for those who need a big dose of motivation to get fit. Barry's high energy workouts are challenging, fun, and they help you push those comfort levels in a safe way so you start getting results and feeling better about your body fast.

Insanity - 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program is only for the truly committed intermediate to advanced exerciser looking for crazy hardcore workouts that blast fat. If you love all the high intensity workouts on this site then this program is the perfect fit for you. It will challenge you on every level and get you amazing results in just 60 days with ZERO equipment and a customizable diet.

P90x Extreme Home Fitness with Tony Horton is the best choice for beginners looking to take it to the next level. Tony Horton teaches you how to combine high intensity cardio workouts, fat blasting supersets with dumbbells or bands, core exercises as well as yoga and martial arts into a system that keeps your body in fat burning mode. If you're ready to go from beginner to intermediate/advanced then Horton will show you how and he'll make you laugh every step of the way.

Tacfit Bodyweight Workouts Plan is one of the best total body strength, fatloss, endurance, and flexibility workout programs around. Great for intermediate/advanced exercisers looking to improve their athletic ability as well as their body composition. Ideal for boot camp trainers, military, law enforcement, firefighters, martial artists, athletes, or those who want ultimate fitness without the painful injuries.

Turbulence Training will is excellent for all levels who want to blast fat, tone up and get leaner without getting bulky. You will get visible results fast with supersets that boost fatloss hormones. One of the few workout programs that teaches you how to maintain your results for life with no-nonsense workouts that take 20-30 min. a day. Includes exercises with with dumbbells, bodyweight, and stability ball. Great for people looking for a plan that transforms the body without having to spend hours in the gym.

Cardio Workout Plans

High Intensity Interval Training Workout Plan 6 week interval workout plan that shows you how to progress your interval cardio workouts from beginner to advanced so you avoid plateaus and reach your fatloss goals faster.

Sprinting Workouts Fatloss Plan a 6 week sprinting plan that teaches you the smart way to transition into sprint workouts that's safe, fun, and very effective for fatloss and endurance.

Tabata Workouts Fatloss Plan 8 weeks of tabata intervals from beginner/intermediate to intermediate/advanced. Learn how to progress your bodyweight cardio workouts so you can burn more fat.