Core Workouts Fatloss & Fitness Plan

The core workouts fatloss and fitness plan is designed to makeover your body from head to toe. If you're looking for a workout plan that includes core exercises that will improve function as well as your appearance then this is the plan for you!

I designed this fitness plan for my own selfish reasons which included having a stronger more stable core and better upper body strength for aerial dance but I soon discovered that this plan and my sexy body bootcamp plan are both awesome for getting a lean toned dancer body all without having to deal with silly hardcore workouts that sap your energy levels.

I've been at my lowest weight and at fitness level bodyfat for months now because of these workouts and you can get amazing results too. Just get started with my workout schedule below.

Core Strength Workouts & Workout Schedule

Workout Schedule Week 1-3

Day 1: Sexy Back & Core Workout

Day 2: Gymboss Tabata Intervals

Day 3: Valslide Leg Exercises Workout (scroll down to my video)

Day 4: Active Recovery

Day 5: Gymboss Tabata Intervals Workout

Day 6: Sandbell Fatloss Workout

Day 7: Active Recovery

Workout Schedule Week 3-6

Day 1: Sexy Back & Core Workout

Day 2: Cardio Core Workout

Day 3: Active Recovery

Day 4: Fatloss & Core Strength Workout

Day 5: Cardio Core Workout

Day 6: Rope Climbing Exercises Workout (scroll down to my video for the workout)

Day 7: Active Recovery

Core Workout Tips


1. You've got two days of active recovery each week. Try walking, yoga, or any other activity you like. It's important that you incorporate easy active recovery into your weekly workout plan. This allows your body to recover so you can go harder each week.

2. If you're a total beginner be sure to incorporate progression and you may want to consider staying on each phase of the plan for 4 weeks instead of just 3 weeks.

3. If you don't feel the need to take 2 days a week off from training then you're not training with enough intensity. Be sure to push yourself a little harder.. Your body can handle a little more. It's your mind that usually holds you back.

Have fun and be sure to post any questions on each workout page.

What You'll Need for This Workout Plan

This entire plan is designed around suspension trainer exercises because they are super effective for fitness, fatloss, and toning.

You can modify any exercises or workouts but if you want to get the most out of this workout plan try not to change the suspension trainer exercises too much.

Here's a list of all the fitness gear I use for these workouts:

Gymboss Interval Timer for timing intervals and maximum fatloss.

Suspension Trainer a must for core stability, flat abs, and total body toning and strength.

Sandbell or medicine ball for core stability and fatloss.

Gliding Discs for increased fatloss and endurance.

Weight bearing hook and rope from the hardware store (optional but a very fun and affordable tool for total body toning).

Stability ball, mat, dumbbells, resistance bands (optional)

Burn More Fat With Proper Core Activation

It's important that you learn proper core activation before starting any workouts of any kind. If you're under the impression that just "pulling your belly button towards your spine" is how it's done then be sure to check out my Best Core Activation Exercises to learn proper technique. Once you get this down, every single exercise you do will become 100 times easier.

I learned this killer technique from Scientific Core Conditioning by Paul Chek and it's probably one of the most important fitness lessons I've ever learned for training my clients and my own body.

You can also prep your body with my best core exercises workout.