The 30 Minute Workout Plan

Looking to blast fat and tone up with a 30 minute workout plan? Tired of feeling tired and want to finally shed the fat before the year is over?

My new free workout plan will help you burn fat, get toned, lose weight, get strong, boost endurance and improve mobility. It will also help you boost motivation and have more fun with your workouts.

By the time the holidays roll around you will have a fat proof body and more importantly a fat proof mind.

The reason this plan is so awesome is that it’s based on years of working with clients who came to me because they were tired of wasting their time on workout plans and diets that left them tired, in pain, fatter than before and with zero motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

This 30 minute workout plan includes all the strategies I've used to help them lose fat permanently so if you want the same results all you have to do is just stick with me for the next 30 days.

It’s totally free so you’ve got nothing to lose except a bunch of flab. The only thing I ask is that you subscribe to get access and weekly updates via email. All workouts will be password protected and for subscribers only.

Want even better results? Get a friend to join you!

30 Minute Workout Plan Instructions

Warm-up: Mobility Drill: You will start each workout with 5 minutes of Warmup Exercises. This is not optional. It might look a bit silly but you must do it if you intend to get the best result. These exercises = better workouts and more fatloss so try not to skip this.

Workout: Fullbody Circuits: Once you complete the mobility drill you will get started with the fullbody workout portion of the 30 minute workout. It includes 6 exercises that target upper body, lower body, cardio endurance and fatloss, as well as core stability. It takes about 15 minutes but once you add the mobility and stretch the workout will be about 30 minutes long.

30 Minute Workout Week 1

30 Minute Workout Week 2

30 Minute Workout Week 3

30 Minute Workout Week 4

The first 6 exercises you see are for beginners to intermediates while the last 6 exercises are for intermediates to advanced. Choose your set of exercises according to your current fitness level and not what you think you should be able to do.

Each week your workout will get more and more challenging so be sure you don’t train to hard or too easy or your body will not improve and this will make moving on to more challenging workouts very difficult. New workouts will be added towards the end of the week so you don’t feel the urge to jump ahead.

Cool Down: Yoga Stretches: It’s your choice whether you want to follow my Yoga Stretches routine or get a copy of Shiva Rea - Fluid Power - Vinyasa Flow Yoga and follow the 3 circular yoga routines from her dvd. Her style of yoga will help you improve your flexibility much faster than just basic yoga stretches.

Either way stretching after fullbody workouts is key to improving performance as well as blasting more fat. Most of my clients really begin to love this over time so try to keep an open mind.

Equipment You Will Need for The 30 Minute Workout Plan

More than likely you already have everything you need but here's a list so you can double check and be prepared. If you see anything on the list that you need you can go grab it at my Affordable Home Gym Gear store.

Week 1:

Resistance bands

Jump Rope

Yoga Mat

Fluid Power Vinyasa dvd

Week 2:


Stability Ball

Step Bench

Week 3 & Week 4


Medicine Ball

Gym Boss Timer

Pullup Bar or Suspension Trainer