Sexy Body Bootcamp Plan

The sexy body bootcamp plan was designed to burn fat, tone from head to toe as well as build tons of strength and boost flexibility.

I actually designed this plan to prepare for an aerial dance class. If you want a sneak peak at what that's all about just check out the video below to find out.

Most workout plans are designed to pack on a lot of muscle but when you're goal is to dance and fly through the air gracefully, adding a bunch of heavy muscle is counterproductive to your ultimate goal.

So sexy body bootcamp is all about getting strong and fit while maintaining an ultra sleek and lean physique.

Sexy Body Bootcamp Plan

Below are all the sexy body bootcamp workouts you need to follow for the next two weeks.

After two weeks you'll follow the same workouts except on day 5 you'll repeat day 2 instead of day 1.

Day 1 Upper Body Bootcamp Workout

Day 2 Butt Makeover Bootcamp

Day 3 Total Body Bootcamp

Day 4 & 7 walk at moderate pace for 20 minutes then finish up with Killer Abs Bootcamp

Day 5 week 1-2 repeat day 1 week 3-4 repeat day 2

Day 6 - 30 minutes of intermediate vinyasa flow (keep workouts on these two days moderate to easy so your body can recover.

Get Results with My Top 5 Sexy Body Workout Tips

1. You don't need to use heavy weights but sticking to light weights will not help you tone up, get strong, or burn fat. Use moderately heavy weights that feel challenging.

2. Incorporate intermittent fasting if you want to lose more fat and get results faster.

3. Listen to your body. If you're pushing your limits that's great but if you get too sore or start feeling worn down instead of energized be sure to back off to avoid injuries. You can also drop day 5 & day 7 if you need extra days to recover.

4. Use a gymboss timer and a sandbell. These are the two pieces of fitness gear that are essential if you want to melt off fat fast.

5. Modify exercises to your needs. I switched out the getup exercise for deck squats because my body was not doing well with the getup. I also don't have my own Lebert bars so I use the TRX suspension trainer instead. Do what works for your body or the equipment you have available.