Tacfit Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises

What is Tacfit? Tacfit is a fitness system for tactical fitness goals including military, law enforcement, fire fighters, combat sports, etc.

It includes dynamic bodyweight exercises that are excellent for fatloss, endurance, total body strength, and mobility which makes it a killer fat burning workout program for anybody regardless of fitness level.

Why Is Tacfit So Effective and Who Can Use It?

The reason tacfit is so effective for total body fatloss and ultimate fitness is that it teaches you how to scale your workouts to your fitness level and ability so that no matter what level you are you can get a killer workout and great results. The best part about Tacfit is the variety of dynamic movement patterns that can be combined into endless workout combos. Watch all the videos to see what I mean.

Tacfit is for anybody who is interested in improving total body strength, endurance, core stability, mobility, balance, agility, and coordination can use Tacfit. You don't need to be a tactical person or that athletic to get started.

The beauty of Tacfit Bodyweight Exercises is how versatile they are and how easy it is to adapt them your fitness goals. They're so versatile that I actually used them with a 60 year old client while he was undergoing radiation for cancer. It really helped increase his endurance, strength, balance and core stability plus reduce his stress levels. Check out the video below to see creator coach Sonnon explaining how to do basic Tacfit moves.

How to Get Started with Tacfit Bodyweight Workouts

Below are a few tacfit bodyweight workouts that you can try to see if this type of workout system is right for you. The first one is an actual Tacfit workout from the guide (tabata protocol on 6 exercises so 24 rounds of tabata evil), the second video is a Tacfit inspired workout that I adapted for my own needs (8-10 reps each exercise x 5 with minimal rest between circuits).

If you like Tacfit I recommend getting started with the full Tacfit workout plan so that you can learn all the exercises from creator Scott Sonnon and his team of coaches. The full workout plan is pretty amazing and comes with many many pdf guides and tons of video downloads that show you how to master the bodyweight exercises and combine them into effective workouts. Click the link to learn more about it Tacfit Bodyweight Workouts: Go Commando!