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Hi and welcome to Free Workouts Guide (a.k.a. fatlossworkoutsguide.com or freeworkoutsblog.com).

I'm Monica Neave an ISSA Certified Fitness Therapist, fitness writer for various websites, and owner/editor of FatlossWorkoutsGuide and BestFemaleFigure.com.

I also have a B.A. in Psychology and am working on my holistic exercise certifications.

My fitness background is probably a bit different than other fitness experts online.  I was born a fitness and exercise junkie.  I have always been into exercise because I love moving.  I started dance at the age of 4 and was exercising with Gilad of Bodies in Motion in my early teens.  

I got my first set of weights when I was only 15 and have been training consistently since then.  But it was my own 18 month struggle with fatloss after the birth of my son that inspired me to become a fitness trainer and start writing about exercise and fatloss back in 2000.

My Fatloss Journey Was Slow & Incredibly Frustrating!

After my son was born by emergency c-section I weighed 150 pounds and my bodyfat was 32%. This is a lot of weight for somebody who is just shy of 5'4". I was 30 pounds over my ideal weight but happy that my son was healthy and excited to be able to workout again.

About 5 months post-pregnancy I started lifting weights 3 times a week, doing kickboxing workouts 8 times a week (some days I was working out twice a day) and I was also on the Zone Diet. I dropped 8 pounds in 4 weeks but my bodyfat only dropped to 31%. Even though I had dropped 8 pounds I was still wearing a size 12 and I didn't look much better.

Big Fatloss Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Lose Fat

This was not exactly the success I had hoped for and the biggest mistake that most people make when trying to lose fat.

Starving on a ridiculous diet, doing excessive amounts of cardio, and not having a structured workout plan doesn't get you very far. So I switched to Body for Life and lost another 7 pounds, dropped to 27% bodyfat, and size 8 jeans. But after 12 weeks I reached my first plateau. I went for months without further results.

I can truly sympathize with clients and visitors who send me emails telling me how frustrated they are after months and months of exercise and diets that don't get them the fatloss results they want.

The Key to Fast Fatloss is Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Six months after my son's first birthday I realized that I was making the same mistakes over and over. I was not changing my workouts often enough, and not pushing beyond my comfort zone.

I got certified as a trainer and finally started to understand that fatloss is all about getting on a workout plan that constantly challenges your body. This is what helped me reach my lowest bodyfat ever (17%).

I maintained my weight at or under 120 lb and my bodyfat around 19% since 2002 and feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever with my body and I'm here to help you achieve that too!!

Quick Update:  I posted this page back in 2007 or so when I first started this site and since then have had some minor bodyfat ups and downs due to injury. 

As of Jan. 2013 I weigh 111 lb and my bodyfat is 19% or less. 

I write about this often at my other site bestfemalefigure.com

Frustrated With Slow Fatloss? How To Start Getting Results NOW!

Clean up your diet and start eating Lean Body Foods. No workout plan in the world can out train a bad diet no matter how intense it is.

If you want results follow the guidelines on this list.

Forget about exercises that only work for models and bodybuilders and get busy with workouts that boost fatloss hormones.

Check out Turbulence Training Workouts and the fatloss hormone secret that works for real people.

Check out my video to learn more about all the mistakes I made when I was trying to lose the fat.

Already eating healthy and still frustrated by your lack of progress? Check out the Carb Rotation Diet that helped me lose the last few pounds of stubborn fat. It's one of the easiest diets to follow and it gets results fast because it tricks your body into burning stored fat without slowing down your metabolism.

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Featured In The Media

The phys ed bootcamp workout available here on the site (and a workout that I used with my boot camp clients) was featured in the September 2008 issue of Better Homes & Garden.

The article was called: Buddy Bootcamp by Selene Yeager and also featured 3 other trainers. Here's a few other places where my workouts and fitness tips have been featured:

Plateau offers better view. Stable period allows body time to adjust - and lets you know when it's time to readjust. by SANDRA VALDEZ GERDES Tucson Citizen December 17, 2007

The perks of downloading your workout to an MP3 device. Liane Hansen National Public Radio, Weekend Edition, Sunday January 1, 2006

Fitness Evolution: Have It Your Way by Levi Long Tucson Citizen Tuesday, 2 August 2005 (thank you Tucson Citizen and Az Daily Star for featuring me multiple times back when my training business was just getting started).

Couples Shape Up for Walk Down the Aisle by Catherine Donaldson-Evans FOXNews.com Friday, July 23, 2004

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Want to learn more about my certification? Check out my quick post on ISSA Certified Fitness Therapist.

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