Fun Fast Weight Loss Workouts & Simple Quick Weight Loss Tips That Work!

If fun and fast weight loss sounds like some type of fantasy dream then get ready for your dreams to come true! 

The fast weight loss workouts and simple tips below work to get you visible results in under 4 weeks especially if you're a busy every day person who doesn't have hours to spend in the gym or hours to obsess over your diet. 

All you need to to do get started is kick those OCD workouts and crazy diets to the curb and you'll start losing that fat weight faster than you thought possible.  Why?  Because this stuff is actually good for your body!   

Fast Weight Loss Workouts Options

No need for a bunch of complicated exercises or bodybuilding type workouts.  Stick with fun and challenging movement patterns like the 5 weight loss exercises below that you can do at home with virtually no equipment and be sure to switch out your intervals each week.  Here's how I would do that for my weight loss clients:

  • week 1:  perform each exercise for 30-45 sec. going from one to the next without rest then after one circuit rest for 30-45 sec. and repeat 3-5 more times.
  • week 2:  perform each exercise for 15-20 reps in a circuit and repeat circuit up to 4 times. no breaks between exercises or circuits.
  • week 3:  perform each exercise for 8 reps each without breaks between exercises and do as many rounds as possible in under 20 min.  taking minimal breaks between rounds.
  • week 4:  perform each exercise with tabata intervals 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest x 8 rounds of each exercise individually with about 30-60 sec. break between exercises.   That is 20 min. of tabatas with minimal rest between each set of tabatas.

More workout suggestions and healthy eating tips after last exercise.


New & Simple Fast Weight Loss Workouts Tips & Quick Weight Loss Tips You're Not Going to See On Other Weightloss & Fatloss Sites

1.  Eat 3 healthy fatloss meals per day and only 1 small snack per day.  Grazing all day is for cows or bodybuilders and there is no research to prove that it works to speed up metabolism or weight loss or fatloss. 

A typical day of eating should look similar to pic below:  green superfoods smoothie, egg greens and feta omelette with tomatoes and cucumbers, and chicken veggie quinoa casserole with mixed greens (all ingredients organic or all natural, minimal time to prepare).  Eating like this is what has helped me lose 10 more pounds and 3 inches off my waist these past few months.

2.  Start your day with a green superfoods weight loss smoothie.  Greens powders are one of the best weight loss supplements EVER because they improve digestion, detox your body daily and turbocharge your immune system which are all key to fast weight loss and fatloss

No supplement out there will flatten your abs and help you lose weight faster than green superfoods.  Best part is it's healthy and good for your body unlike most supplements.

More info in these article on: best fat burning supplements and weight loss smoothies.

3.  Do fast weight loss workouts like the one above 3-4 times per week and do additional cardio, functional training, core training, mobility, flexibility and your favorite activities the rest of the week.  You don't need to be doing hardcore workouts daily to lose weight.  Train your body don't drain it.  Find a balance of workouts that boosts health and fitness instead of just torturing yourself all the time.  Weight loss and fatloss happen when your body is healthy not stressed to the breaking point.

4. Keep a diet and fitness journal.  Start tracking all your food and exercise in a hand written journal where you can be honest about what you are and are not doing.  After a few weeks start looking for behavior patterns that are holding you back and figure out ways to overcome those obstacles.  Losing weight and fat is 100% mental 100% diet and 100% fitness.  It ALL matters and the sooner you get on board with that the faster you will lose the fat.

5.  Do what is right for your body.  Stop caring what other people are doing and focus on what is going to get YOUR body the best results.  Who cares if so and so is low carbing or paleo dieting or turbo insanity blasting or crossfitting or whatever the heck else anybody is doing.   Question everything you come across and start thinking of how to modify and customize EVERYTHING  to your unique needs. 

The more you do this the better results you will get from your fast weight loss workouts.

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