Great Circuit Training Workouts that Burn Fat in Less Time

Circuit training workouts that burn fat, boost weightloss, and result in ultimate fitness are intense, challenging, and very fun.

They include exercises that work on all area of fitness including endurance, strength, flexibility, fatloss, agility, and best of all they require little to no equipment.

Circuit workouts also allow you to burn more fat and calories in less time so you can get a fit lean body without spending hours in the gym.

Bodybar Circuit Workout is a full body workout with strength and endurance standard sets along with fatloss supersets.

Bodyweight Circuit Workout includes 13 bodyweight exercises and two dumbbells exercises. It's great for beginners who need to build strength and boost endurance for tougher workouts plus burns fat and calories.

Fatloss Circuit Workout burns fat and scupts a lean toned body with olympic lifts, pilates, and core synergy isolation moves.

Fullbody Circuit Workout Beginners a full body circuit that targets upper body, lower body, abs, glutes, cardio, and flexibility in just 30 minutes. A great workout for those getting started.

Fullbody Dumbbell Circuit Workout uses dumbbells and a stability ball to target every inch of your body with multi-purpose exercises that burn calories, burn fat, and boost lean muscle.

Full Body Exercises Interval Workout includes bodyweight exercises plus small weighted ball and pilates ball exercises that burn fat, tighten and tone every inch of your body and boosts endurance and strength.

Circuit Training Workouts for Fatloss Intermediate to Advanced

Fat Burning Fitness Circuit includes two fat blasting circuits that boost fitness levels and tone your entire body.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts two fat burning circuit workouts for strength endurance and tone that you can combine or split up on busier days.

Fullbody Circuit Workout Intermediates utilizes a stability ball, dumbbells, and jump rope to pre-fatigue then isolate plus intense cardio intervals with jump rope work and complementary stretches.

Fullbody Circuit Workout Advanced an intense full body circuit that combines some of the best boot camp type exercises to build muscular and cardiovascular endurance, burn fat, build lean muscle.

Fullbody PHAT Circuit is a high intensity full body workout that includes core exercises, power lifting moves, yoga, pilates, athletic moves, and dynamic stretches for major fat burning and ultimate fitness under 30 minutes.

Fat Burning Intervals Circuit Workout with jump rope and small weighted ball targets the entire body and burns fat.

Suspension Trainer Outdoors Park Workout includes back and lower body circuit plus metcon fatloss circuit.

High Intensity Circuit Training Routines

Amalfi Hybrid Circuit Workout Challenge As many rounds as you can handle in 20 minutes of total body exercises with the TRX, sandbell, weighted vest and mean set of stairs.

300 Workout 300 reps of 6 total body exercises back to back. The famous 300 workout from the movie 300 is the ultimate circuit training routine and can be modified for all levels.

Core Butt Fatloss Circuit Workout Boost fatloss and get killer abs and a firm butt with an intense trx and valslide exercises circuit.

Extreme Fatloss Bodyweight Workout 6 killer bodyweight exercises combined into an intense circuit workout that blasts fat plus a core fatloss circuit that targets your entire core while blasting fat.

Primal Pattern Circuit Workout Paul Chek's 7 primal pattern movements combined into 3 total body exercises that will challenge every muscle in your body. Not for beginners!

Primal Endurance Fatloss Workout boosts cardio and muscular endurance and burn tons of fat with a primal pattern movement circuit.

Post Holiday Detox Kettlebell Workout sweat out nasty toxins and recover from any holiday damage with a bodyweight warm-up circuit and intense kettlebell exercises and tabata intervals circuit.

Weekend Warrior Circuit Workout Quick, simple and fun AMRAP circuit that includes one suspension trainer exercise and two bodyweight exercises.

Advantages of Circuit Training

  • Getting more work done in less time and burning more fat and calories than moderate intensity cardio and strength training do separately.
  • Being able to train daily for 20-40 minutes vs. 4 times a week for 2 hours at a time (who the heck has time for that!).
  • Being able to train with little or no equipment or with as much equipment as you have available in your gym or home.
  • Being able to customize workouts based on your fitness level, your energy level that day, your time, or your long term or short term fitness goals.
  • Being able to build endurance, strength, and flexibility in less time and being able to transfer those skills easily to other pursuits like hiking or sports.
  • Being able to combine with other more traditional types of workouts throughout the week like running, ab workouts, leg workouts, and chest workouts.