Fat Burning Intervals Circuit Workout

by Monica

Need to burn fat, prevent holiday weight gain and save time? My fat burning intervals circuit workout does all that plus strengthens your core, tightens and tones your butt and targets your entire lower body too.

This intervals workout only takes 20 minutes and can be done two ways. You can work timed intervals (30 seconds for each exercise works best) no rest between exercises or circuits then repeat the circuit until your 20 minutes are up or you can do a set number of reps (8-12 works best) for each exercise and perform as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 20 minutes no rest between exercises or circuits.

I really enjoyed using the small weighted fitness balls with strap by Harbinger Fitness. They weigh 6 and 8 lb each and the strap is awesome because it keeps them from sliding out of your hand. I love these but you can use any weight you like.

Be sure to warm up with 5 minutes of mobility exercises before you get started with this workout and stretch for at least 5-10 minutes after the workout too.

Fat Burning Intervals Circuit Instructions:

jump rope single jumps
alternating weighted ball swings
curtsy lunge to lateral lunge
deep squat with overhead press
weighted ball double windmill with curl press combo

weighted ball sit up with russian twists
weighted ball calf raise to single leg deadlift w/reach (optional)

Workout Tips

Try a different style of jump each time you start the circuit. This keeps the jumping from getting repetitive and working different cardio movement patterns is important for preventing injuries.

If you have trouble combining moves then modify by breaking it down into individual movements until you feel ready to combine into more complex movement patterns.

Squat and lunge as deep as you can without bending forward from the waist. Sit into those heels and keep the abs tight and shoulders back. The lower you can go with excellent form the harder your entire body works and the more fat you burn.

Be super careful with the windmill and practice without weights until you get it down to avoid injuries. The most important part of the windmill is packing your shoulder down. Not easy to do and may require that you move slower at first. Take your time and do it right. Speed will come as you get stronger. Use your core and butt to stabilize this and all other exercises. Stay bouyant throughout the workout by drawing in from the belly button and up from the glutes and pelvic area (just like a kegel). Don't forget to breathe!

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