Fat Burning Circuit Workouts

The fat burning circuit workouts is two quick circuit workouts rolled into one. It boosts cardio and muscular endurance, burns fat, and tones every inch of your body with challenging exercises. Remember to modify to your level.

Start with 3 minutes of moderate paced walking then alternate between 30 seconds of sprints and 60 seconds walking for the next 4 minutes.

Continue with 10 scorpions on each side. Continue with 12-15 reps of each of the first four exercises going from one to the next without rest.

Take a 10 second break and repeat. Do the same with the next 4 exercises then finish up with 5 minutes of stretching.

Resisted Lateral Walks
1. Start by placing an ankle band around your ankles.
2. Slide your leg out to the side until their is good resistance and you are still able to keep your hips level.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.
4. Complete the same repetitions on the other side.
5. For variation you can turn this into a lateral walking motion for the desired repetitions.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
Draw belly button into spine, keep shoulders relaxed, both knees bent and hips back.
Sets Reps Weight/
Linear Stability Jumps
1.Stand facing box with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart.
2.Lower body into a semi-squat position and jump up onto box. Feet should land softly on box.
3.Step back down (not jump back down) and repeat according to prescribed reps.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
No step? Try squat jumps or jumping jack squats.
Sets Reps Weight/
1-leg rotary pull
1. Start by standing on one leg and holding a cable handle with the opposite hand.
2. Proceed to pull the cable handle towards your waist while maintaining your balance on one leg.
3. You will also rotate your body slightly to do this.
4. Complete the desired repetitions and repeat with the other arm and leg.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
Draw belly button in and squeeze shoulder blade as you row. Lunge deeper if you want to target the butt more.
Sets Reps Weight/
Standing Chest Press with Band
1. Start by securing the band at chest level behind you and standing with your feet together. To have a more stable stance you can bring one foot in front of the other in a staggered stance(lunge stance).
2. Hold the band with your hands at chest level and your elbows back.
3. Press the bands out away from your body until your arms are extended.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
Stagger the legs for more balance and tighten the lower abs to stabilize.
Sets Reps Weight/
Walking Lunge Curl and Press
1. Start by lunging forward with the dumbells at your side.
2. As you stand up from your lunge curl the dumbells up towards the shoulders.
3. Bring the dumbells back down to your waist as you go into your next lunge.
4. As you stand up from the second lunge raise the dumbells up over your head as if you are shoulder pressing them up.
5. Bring them back down to the waist when you lunge down for the third time and repeat this sequence.
6. Repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
Use a moderately heavy weight that allows you to work hard as well as maintain good balance. Try not to swing the weights too much. Squeeze them up.
Sets Reps Weight/
Alternating Split Squat Jump
1) Stand with feet hip width apart. Take left leg and step back approximately 2 feet standing on the ball of back foot.
2) Feet should be positioned at a staggered stance with head and back erect and straight in a neutral position. Place hands on waist.
3) Lower body by bending at right hip and knee until thigh is parallel to floor then immediately explode vertically.
4) Switch feet in the air so that the back foot lands forward and vice versa.
5) Prior to takeoff extend the ankles to their maximum range (full plantar flexion) ensure proper mechanics.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
Can't jump very well then just try fast paced reverse lunges or reverse lunges with front kicks.
Sets Reps Weight/
Tricep Kickback
1) Stand approximately 2-3 feet way from attachment point with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and with a staggered stance.
2) Start position: Grasp handle with an overhand grip. Bend elbow to a 90° angle and keep close to the side.
3) Moving only at the elbow, extend forearm back.
4) Return to start position.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
Add intensity by holding both handles and performing with both arms instead of single side.
Sets Reps Weight/
Plank Knee-ins
1. Start by getting on your hands and knees in a push-up position.
2. Keeping your abs tight and your trunk parallel bring one knee in towards your chest.
3. Return the foot back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

Fat Burning Circuit Workouts Tip:
Keep belly button drawn in and upper body relaxed. Make sure hips don't drop down.
Sets Reps Weight/

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