Post Holiday Detox Kettlebell Workout

by Monica

No matter how many tips you read on how not to over-indulge during holidays the harsh reality is that most of us will. Here's the right way to detox with exercise if you end up partying a little too hard, eating too much, or not moving enough.

Quick tip: start with 16 oz. of water and a light breakfast (eggs and a side of yogurt with fresh fruit, green smoothie, or banana and handful of trail mix) about an hour before your workout to hydrate your body.

Post Holiday Detox Workout

Warm-Up Circuit- Perform 15-20 reps of each exercise below going from one to the next without rest. All you need is one round and try not to rush, this is just a warm-up.

Walking lunges
Bodyweight rows or back extensions with arms in W position
Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers

Detox Kettlebell or DB Circuit- Perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds taking 15 seconds to transition between exercises. After one circuit rest for a minute then repeat 3-4 more times. Take a 2 minute water break before finishing up with tabatas.

Kettlebell or dumbbell reverse lunge oh press
Kettlebell or dumbbell reverse lunge oh press (other side)
Kettlebell or dumbbell high pulls
Kettlebell or dumbbell high pulls (other side)
Kettlebell or dumbbell alternating swing

Detox Tabatas- Perform 8 rounds of burpees or sprints using the tabata protocol, 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest. Call it a day or if you feel like working harder rest for a minute and go for 8 more rounds.

Kettlebell exercises are featured in the video. If you love kb workouts and are looking for a great set of dvd's to get started? Check out Iron Core Boot Camp with Sarah Lurie, RKC, CSCS.. I'm reading Sarah's kb book right now and will be sharing more tips soon.

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