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Primal Pattern Circuit Workout

by Monica

Can't get outdoors to practice your primal cardio exercises or enjoy a fun primal cardio workout? Here's a great primal pattern circuit workout you can do indoors. This workout is based on the 7 primal pattern movements in How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek.

Start with 3 minutes of mobility work including neck and shoulder rolls, arm circles in all directions, hip circles, leg swings, and cat dog yoga stretch.

Continue with 45 seconds of each of the primal pattern movement exercises listed below with a 15 second transition between exercises. After one full circuit rest for a minute and repeat two more times for 3 total circuits.

Primal Pattern Circuit Workout

Valslide lateral lunge 45 sec. work 15 sec. rest
Valslide lateral lunge (other side) 45 sec. work 15 sec. rest
Sandbell sumo squat to pushup to alternating chop 45 sec. work 15 sec. rest
Sandbell alternating single leg deadlift 45 sec. work 15 sec. rest
TRX alternating single leg row 45 sec. work 15 sec. rest

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2-3 more times

*Some of the exercises work on multiple patterns but you can break the movement down into smaller chunks if necessary i.e. sumo squat + pushup + chop. Feel free to use any fitness gear you have available.

Set your interval timer for 18 rounds of two intervals of 45 seconds and 15 seconds. Rounds 6, 12, and 18 are your recovery rounds.

Continue with 6-10 rounds of jump rope running in place or box jumps. Start with 30 seconds of running in place or jumps followed by 15-30 seconds of recovery and repeat. Again use an interval timer to stay focused. Choose the number of rounds and length of rest period that matches your current level of fitness. Adjust weekly as your endurance improves.

Cool down with 5 minutes of total body stretches or 5 minutes of relaxing flow yoga.

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Primal Pattern Circuit Workout

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Great workout for indoors!
by: Deb

I can't wait to try this workout! I just ordered my Gymboss and the Valslides are next! (Now if only I could win a TRX suspension system!) Can I use a weight in place of the sand bag? I am working up to a better outfitted gym (the nearest real gym is 20 miles away...not feasible) but until I can get all of the right stuff, I have to be versitile. Thanks for all you do!

Versatile Is What It's All About
by: Monica

Deb you're the best! You bring up a killer point about being flexible and using what you have available. That's what this site is all about.

I bought the sandbells because I needed to improve my grip for aerial dance and because I like the feel of the sand shifting around. It's great for my core stability and overall balance.

Any weight will work so definitely be versatile. Also if you want to do TRX style exercises try using a rope like the one in my rope workout video. I actually created the rope climbing exercises workout for people who can't afford to splurge on a TRX right now.

Rope climbing
by: Deb

Thanks for the rope climbing tips. Your video is great and so is Dominiks. I will definately try the ropes. I think versatility is the key for me to stay motivated, which is why I continually return to your site and wait eagarly for your emails each week. Since I live so far out of town, you have become my workout partner...hope you don't mind!

home workouts with online support is the best
by: Monica

I love it Deb and believe me when I say that working out in a gym so over rated. I got my first membership when I was 20 and worked out in health clubs for 12 years then I started working in them and have been for nearly 10 years now.

Working out at home or outdoors is so much better for your body, your mind, and your wallet! Check out what I might be doing next. Having a hard time deciding between ropes or clubbells.

The Wave
by: Deb

Hmmm, you never fail to give me something new to think about and do. With the workouts you present, there are things I can do every day instead of every other day. Now I had best get busy...it's boot camp day!

Gonna try this next
by: Jeri

Hi Monica,
As you can see I'm going back to your Site Search (I love this feature) looking for different workouts.

My next purchase will be a sandbell...do you think a 10-lb would suffice? I'm going to use my 10-lb medicine ball in place of the sandbell for now.

I joined a gym once about a decade ago only because they had a $20/mo. 6 month special. Then all I did was run outside around the gym. I figured by the time I drive, find parking, etc. I could've been done by my workout already.

try a moderate weight with sandbells
by: Monica

Hey Jeri

So funny. I work in a gym and never workout there either : )

Glad you're getting good use out of search. I had to add that feature because my site has turned into a 500 page monster (in a good way). I spent a lot of time last month adding lost workouts into the main categories but I know this is not enough for some people to find what they need.

Anyway, If I had to do it over again I would just get a 15 lb. sandbell instead of a 10 lb. The 10 got light for me really fast and then I went 20 and it was too much and took time to build up grip strength to work with it. Moderate weight is going to be more versatile too.

Check out Bill and Sparrow getting crazy with their sandbells at the beach. These guys crack me up. A whole section on sandbell workouts is coming soon.

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