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Thank you for stopping by free workouts guide, fatloss workouts guide, the free workouts blog and free workout blog. 

This month is our 6 year anniversary and also our last month online.   We want to thank you for making us the #1 independent fatloss workouts site for many of the years that our site was online and hope you've enjoyed all the free workouts and fatloss workouts and tips we've posted in the past six years.

If you're a female between the ages of 21 and 51 and you're struggling with slow weight loss or stubborn fat we would like to invite you to join us on our new female fitness site for active every day women that features all the best exercises and tips to:

·         Condition your female body and metabolism to burn more fat and calories every day

·         Improve your body Confidence and banish negative body image & body insecurities  

·         Finally Conquer all your healthy fitness goals & your female body makeover goals too 

Our new site and our new workout plan should be available the first couple of weeks in September.  If you would like regular updates about our new site be sure to like and follow our new facebook feed below.  We will be posting everything there from now on.

If you are looking for old workouts that we posted here at fwg they are gone and will not be re-posted on our new site.  We are moving only our very best fat burning exercises and tips to the new site and will be adding newer, better,  simple, and effective solutions for women only, including the dynamic fat burning female fitness plan that so many women over the past 6 years asked me to create. 

Again thanks so much for visiting us and making us #1 for fatloss workouts all these years.

If you're joining us on our new website Welcome in advance.  It's going to be tons of fun and you will love the visible results you get form all the information I'll be sharing with you.