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Amalfi Hybrid Circuit Workout Challenge

by Monica

Hyper Wear posted this amazing Amalfi Beach Hybrid Circuit Workout that includes some great fat burning exercises and total body strength/toning exercises. All you need is a suspension trainer and a sandbell or dumbbell.

Perform 8-10 reps on all exercises and do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes. Post your rounds and enter to win a copy of Truth About Abs (the #1 Ab Fatloss Program online) or a 10 lb. sandbell from Hyper Wear. Challenge ends Aug. 5, 2010.

sandbell jumping jack
sandbell step-up with hop
trx inverted row
trx lateral lunge with hop
trx pushup or fly to tricep extension
stair sprints or jump rope for 30 sec.

Not only is this workout intense but the scenery in this video is just beautiful.

SSS Amalfi, Italy Hybrid circuit 3 Hyper Wear Fitness Anywhere (2) from chad Skrederstu on Vimeo.

BTW, I hope this makes up for all the beach workouts I didn't film while I was away hiking in CA, OR, and WA. The pic above is our Shi Shi Beach Hike in Washington.

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Amalfi Hybrid Circuit Workout Challenge

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I have a few questions
by: Frank

Yes - I will try it tomorrow morning. This requires several machines or zones in my gym (smith machine, cables, bench). I will do them all but can I group exercises so I don't have to compete for the equipment? Sprints? Break this down for me. How many seconds of sprinting vs walking?

Way to go with your own gym version!
by: Monica

So cool that you're trying the challenge in the gym with completely different equipment than what is shown in the video. Love it when people get creative.

Mix up the exercises any way you need to and if somebody takes your equipment at any point then improvise and do the next best thing. No smith machine to do bodyweight rows then db rows work. No dip station then bench dips with legs elevated work too. It's all good as long as you're using a good weight that challenges you.

For sprints you sprint once after each round of exercises. Try 30-45 sec. or go 60 sec. if you want to work harder. Let me know how it goes. I managed to get 5 rounds but was dragging a bit that day. Shooting for 6-7 rounds later this week. Didn't think I would be competing with you of all people!!! Love it.

by: Chad Skrederstu

Thank you guys!

awesome travel workouts!
by: Monica

Hey Chad that is by far one of the funnest, coolest workouts I've ever done so I figured my visitors would like it too. Your travel workout videos are so awesome too! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Break Dancing exercises
by: Aaron

im a breakdancer and i was wondering are there any exercises to stengthen my core, neck, shoulders, forearms, and wrists that doesnt need alot of gym equipment

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