Fat Burning Fitness Workout

The fat burning fitness workout includes two fat blasting circuits that boost fitness levels and tone your entire body. It can be modified to any level just check the tips below.

Start with 8 rounds of jumping jacks or burpees (or both) alternating between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. This is your warm-up but it burns a ton of fat so try not to skip it.

If you prefer 5 minutes of walking, running, or jump rope intervals that works too.

Continue with 12-15 reps (on each side) of the first 4 exercises going from one to the next without rest. After one circuit take a 15 second break then repeat.

Continue with 12-15 reps (on each side) of the next 4 exercises going from one to the next without rest. After one circuit take a 15 second break then repeat.

Finish up with 5-10 minutes of full body stretches focusing more on areas that tend to get tighter.

Lateral Band Walk
1. Place a short band around your knees and place a long band around your feet with your arms holding the other end.
2. Proceed to slide your feet across the floor while barely picking your feet up off the ground.
3. Try to keep your hips level and just abduct your leg rather than tilting your hips up and down to raise your leg.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Use one or two bands and lower into partial squat to work glutes harder.
Sets Reps Weight/
Stationary Bodyweight Lateral Lunge/Squat
1. Start by placing your hands behind your head and your feet placed with a wide stance.
2. Shift your weight and hips to one side and squat down so that your hips drop down behind that foot.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement to the other side.
4. Alternate this movement back and forth until the desired repetitions are met.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Hold weight at chest level or at shoulders for mor intensity. Keep butt back and chest up. No leaning forward.
Sets Reps Weight/
Pushup with balance board and discs
1. Start by placing your hands on a balance board and your feet on the ground. Place a balance disc under each end of the balance board.
2. Move into a plank position and maintain your balance by extending your arms.
3. Proceed to bend your elbows while maintaining your balance until your elbows are bent to about 90 degrees.
4. Extend your elbows until you reach full extension.
5. Keep your abs drawn in tight to maintain good technique.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Use any balance device or medicine balls or yoga blocks to elevate hands. Drop to knees if you need and use no elevation if you're a beginner.
Sets Reps Weight/
Prone Row with Ball
1. Lie face down on a stability ball so that the ball is under your lower abdomen.
2. Holding two dumbells row them up towards your shoulders keeping your elbows out wide and back staying flat.
3. Remember to pinch your shoulder blades together as you row and keep your upper body stable.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Squeeze shoulder blades as elbows come up. Keep head and neck relaxed.
Sets Reps Weight/
Bicep Squat to Hip Abduction
1. Start by holding a dumbell in each hand in a shoulder width stance position.
2. Squat down to parallel while simultaneously curling the dumbells to shoulder height.
3. Squat back up to the start position. Once you are near the top of the squat then laterally abduct your left leg out to the side.
4. Return your leg to the starting position. Repeat exercise with other leg.
5. Complete prescribed repetitions alternating your legs.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Use any weight including medicine ball, bands, bar, or kettlebells or no weight if you're a beginner.
Sets Reps Weight/
DB press with isometric lunge
1. Start by holding the Dumbells at shoulder level.
2. Proceed into a lunge position and hold this position throughout movement.
3. While in the lunge position press the dumbells above your head for the recommended repetitions.
4. You can switch your legs halfway between the set or switch them on your next set.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Keep head and shoulders over hips and front knee behind toes. Contract lower abs to stabilize.
Sets Reps Weight/
Bench Dip
1) Sit upright on bench and place hands hip width apart with fingers pointing forward. Place feet flat on opposite bench with legs straight.
2) Start position: Slide glutes off bench with elbows slightly bent.
3) Lower body by bending at elbows until elbows are at 90 degree angle.
4) Return to start position.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Place feet on ball for more intensity or feet on floor for less.
Sets Reps Weight/
Supine Twist with med ball
1. Lie on your back with the ball under your upper shoulders and hold onto a medicine ball above your chest.
2. Keeping the ball in front of your chest rotate your shoulders and trunk until the ball is facing the side.
3. Try to keep your hips somewhat stable and facing the ceiling during this movement.
4. The movement should initiate from your trunk. Alternate sides until the prescribed repetitions are complete.

Fat Burning Fitness Workout Tip:
Use light weight and contract obliques to rotate the upper body and keep the lower body from shifting around.
Sets Reps Weight/

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