Full Body Exercises Interval Workout

My latest interval workout includes full body exercises inspired by Roger Yuan's Immortal Workout (also featured below). This is an intermediate level workout but all exercises can be modified to make them easier or more challenging. You can also substitute any equipment in the workout.

You will need a gymboss timer, a small weighted ball, suspension trainer, thera band, yoga mat and about 30 minutes for this workout.

Full Body Exercises Interval Workout Instructions & Tips

Perform each of the full body exercises below for 40-50 seconds each going from one to the next without rest. This is a continuous work interval workout so after you complete one circuit do not take a break and repeat it 2-3 more times. If you find that this is too difficult for you then take a 30-60 second break after each circuit but work to eliminate all breaks over a 3-4 week period.

Suspension Trainer Cossack Lunge to Row - This is mainly an upper body exercise that targets the back and arms so try to do most of the work with your upper body. The Cossack lunge is for hip and inner thigh flexibility which you will need for all the other exercises so try not push up with your legs.

Inverted Press with Base Switch - As you bend the elbows aim the crown of the head towards the floor and as you press contract the deep abs and the shoulder blades together and away from the ears to assist.

For the base switch contract the abs hard as you rotate. This is truly a full body exercise that requires you to support your weight with right foot and left hand as you allow the weight of your left hip to swivel you under and then up into a crab position then up to inv. press position. It's not as hard as it looks. Try to have fun with it and you'll have an easier time with this exercise.

Alternating Plie Squat with Thera Band Fly - Start with your heels together and toes pointing out (like ballet first position) then step out into a wide squat (like ballet second position) as you pull the band apart. As you step back to center picture you inner thighs, pelvic floor, and deep abs zipping up like a pair of jeans.

Small Weighted Ball Reverse Lunge with Halo - As you reverse lunge drop the ball down towards your knee then circle it around your body as you step back up. I tried all types of weights with this exercise and found that a small sand filled ball like the one I'm using is the most challenging for core, butt, and legs.

Yoga Mountain Climbers - The yoga version of the mountain climbers is all about contracting the deep abs as hard as possible every time you switch the legs then releasing as you land all while keeping your mouth shut. In a seated position this would be called breathe of fire and it's amazing for core strength, fatloss, and endurance.

Remember to keep your mouth shut the entire time. Breathe through the nose and pump air in and out by using your abs as you switch the legs back and forth quickly. Not easy at first but you'll get it with practice.

Toe Touch to Table Top - When you place a small ball between the knees make sure the back of your legs touch the floor and that you are squeezing the ball at all times with the inner thighs. Reach forward as far as you can by pulling the belly button into the spine and rounding the back then roll back up like a wave to place the hands behind you (fingers pointing forward or back, whatever works for you) then lift into the table top using glutes, inner thighs, and core. This is not an arm workout so you should not feel like your arms are doing any work.

Quick Interval Workout Tips - You can move through the workout much faster than I was going through it or take your time with it like I do. You can add more weight or work with no weight. You can even break up the full body exercises further and substitute any equipment too. The only thing that matters is that you keep moving the entire time you're training.

My Interval Workout was Inspired by Roger Yuan's Immortals Workout

When I watched the Immortals Workout by Roger Yuan I tried it and believe it or not I can do every thing he can do except for those straddle position and fight stance push ups. Those are too hardcore for me which got me thinking about how I could break down his workout into something more basic. So his hindu pushups to fierce pose became my inverted press with base switch. His fight stance to low pushup became my suspension trainer lateral lunge to row. His crazy agility animal movements became my lateral band squats, yoga mountain climbers, toe touch table top, and reverse lunge with halos.

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