Xtreme Fat Loss Bodyweight Workout

by Monica

How do you kick start a new workout plan after some time off from exercise? Get busy with my xtreme fat loss bodyweight workout and build the motivation endurance, and metabolic boost you need for a new workout routine.

My last "real" workout was about 10 days ago and even though I've been hiking, walking and doing a bit of yoga every day for the past 10 days I've really been missing my strength workouts, especially my bodyweight workouts.

So I put together an intense fat loss bodyweight workout to get back on track for a new workout plan (coming soon).

This is a great workout that anybody can do 3 times a week for 1-2 weeks before starting a new workout plan. It's also a great circuit workout that burns tons of fat/calories and can be done anywhere (hotel room, beach, park, backyard, gym, living room, etc.).

Be sure to modify any exercise to your level and check out the daily options if you want to progress faster.

Fatloss Bodyweight Workout Instructions

Tabata Warm-Up - 4 rounds of both exercises back to back making sure to take that 10 sec. break between exercises. 4 rounds of both exercises takes exactly 4 minutes.

Jumping jacks or run in place 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest
Squat thrust to updog 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest

Fatloss Bodyweight Circuit (video coming friday) - Day 1 & 3: perform each exercise for 45 sec. going from one exercise to the next with 15 sec. rest between exercises. No rest after one circuit and repeat the entire circuit one more time. Set your Gymboss interval timer for 18 rounds of two intervals of 45 sec. and 15 sec. each to stay on track.

Day 5 & 7: reverse the order of the exercises and perform each exercise for 45 sec. with 5 sec. rest between exercises. After one circuit rest for 50 sec. and repeat the entire circuit two more times. Set your interval timer for 20 rounds of 2 intervals 45 sec. and 5 sec. each (rounds 10 and 20 are your rest periods).

Day 9, 11, 13: split the circuit into two circuits, set your interval timer for 15 minutes and perform 8-10 reps of each exercise in the first circuit and continue repeating going for as many rounds as possible in 15 min. Reset your timer for 10 min. and do the same with the 2nd circuit.

Cobra back extensions to scorpion
Piston (modified or regular)
Swinging plank
Modified single leg squat
Single leg deadlift w/reach
Single leg deadlift w/ reach (other side)
Alternating wheel
Aquat jumps (modify if necessary)
Alternating side planks

Core Fatloss Circuit - Perform each core exercise for 45 sec. going from one exercise to the next without rest. After one round repeat 1-2 more times. Click the link for a detailed explanation.

Lower body rotations
Spinal rock to crow prep
Forearm pike to alternating forearm balance prep

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Xtreme Fat Loss Bodyweight Workout

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Xtreme Fat Loss BW Workout
by: MaryEllen Giombetti

Can't wait to do this one!!

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