Weekend Warrior Workout

by Monica

I put together a fun weekend warrior workout to make up for two days of missed workouts.

It's fun and intense and you can do this warrior workout just about anywhere.

If you don't have a suspension trainer you can simply use a pullup bar instead or a rope for your bodyweight rows.

You can also substitute db rows or resistance band rows (not as intense as bodyweight rows but still good).

Weekend Warrior Workout Beginner/Intermediates:

4-5 surfer pop-ups or regular pushups
8-10 jump squats or alternating jumping lunges
8-10 trx rows or heavy db rows

Now here's where the warrior part comes in. You have 20 minutes to complete 20 rounds. The faster you get through a round the more time you have to recover after each round before it's time for your next round.

This is not easy and that's the point! The goal of this workout is to work as hard and as fast as you can (with excellent form) then use your remaining seconds of each minute to recover. This workout is challenging and only for people looking to workout like warriors!

If you're advanced and looking to make this even more challenging, try these exercises instead:

Weekend Warrior Workout Advanced/Hardcore:

4-5 dive bombers or squat thrusts
8-10 alternating jump lunges with weighted chops
4-5 trx rows or pullup bar chinups

Weekend Warrior Workout Tips:

1. Don't push more rounds than you can handle. If you can get 20 rounds in 20 minutes then you're a rock star if not then do what your body can handle and work on improving over time.

2. Come up with your own set of exercises if you don't like the ones listed here but make sure they target the larger muscles upper back, glutes/hamstrings/quads, and chest/core.

3. Use an interval timer and a journal to keep track of rounds. Post your exercises and number of rounds below if you like. I'll be posting mine when I put up the video. I'm not hardcore so prepare to laugh : )

4. When performing the surfer pop up don't come all the way up to standing just hover down low and then go right back down and repeat.

5. Mix up the exercises any way you like and always start with ones that are harder for you first. You can combine beg. and adv. moves too. Modify everything to your level and have fun!!!

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Weekend Warrior Workout

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Nice Workout
by: Salma

I can't wait to try this workout..I'm gonna try to go hardcore tomorrow :)


Weekend Warrior Workout

Started this workot this morning and it was truly intense. I managed to complete the twenty rounds in twenty mins. SHALL VARY IT TOMORROW.

Simple Way to Modify
by: Monica

Hey RN

The first time I did this workout I was feeling pretty energetic but wanted to get 20 rounds so I started with the beg/int version and ended up getting 19 rounds (I took a minute off about round 16). My second time around I wanted more intensity so I mixed it up a bit.

I combined exercises from both beg/int and adv, changing it up each time so if my arms were getting tired I would go back to the pop-up in stead of the dive bombers. I was also alternating randomly between jumping lunges and jump squats. I did mostly stick to inverted rows (the other type are too easy for me now).

I'm working up to 20 rounds of the adv. version slowly. There's lots of ways to mix it up and if you need a minute off at any point then take it. Better to rest than to end up hurt and in pain : )

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