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The Burn More Fat Workout Plus Workout Tips & Fitness Trends for a Lean Toned Body

The best ways to burn more fat and get a lean toned body faster is to combine all the best workout strategies and tips into your weekly workout routine.

The full body fatloss workout below is a great example of how to do this. It's a mix of functional training, bootcamp, capoeira, yoga, and pilates.

All you need for this workout is two sets of dumbbells, a yoga mat, and some great music. Don't forget to check out the 15+ fatloss tips below the workout too.

Burn More Fat Full Body Workout Instructions

Burn More Fat Workout Instructions Option 1: Perform the fat burning exercises below for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest between exercises (45 seconds each side for single side moves). After one circuit rest for 1 minute then repeat two more times.

Burn More Fat Workout Instructions Option 2: Perform 15-20 reps of each exercise going from one to the next with little to no rest. After one circuit rest for 1 minute then repeat 3-4 more times.

Capoeira lunge w/row - Start in a low squat with hands in front of chest then lunge back and grab dumbbell and row then place dumbbell back on floor and repeat on other side. Stay in low squat the entire time. Use abs and arms to stabilize and keep stomach off your thigh to work core, glutes, legs, and back. If you need to modify just hold a lunge stance and do all your rows on one side then switch to the other side or keep the alternating reverse lunge from low squat and take out the row until your legs get stronger.

DB curtsey lunge to tree pose - Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding dumbbells at sides. Curstey lunge as far down as your body allows then contract the abs, glutes, and biceps as you raise back up to tree pose. Take your time with this exercise and focus on core, glutes, and arms to avoid swinging the weight and losing your balance. To modify simply lose the weights to add intensity add a curl to press.

Inverted press w/ hip extension - From a downdog position bend the elbows and squeeze the shoulder blades together and down towards the low back to lower head towards floor. Press back up then bend one leg and squeeze the glute to press it straight up to the ceiling. Repeat with the other leg. Focus on your upper back, glutes and core to keep pressure off your shoulders. To modify drop to knees. To add intensity keep one leg pressing up during pushups.

Dynamic sun salutation - Start with feet hip width apart and perform jumping jack then perform a squat thrust so you end up in a plank then slowly lower into a low pushup until you almost touch the floor then drop the hips and press the upper body up into updog then contract the abs hard to lift into down dog and jump back to start position. To modify take out the jumping jack and do slow paced sun salutation. To add intensity add pushup then slowly lower to low pushup and continue.

Modified side plank dip & reach - Start in a side plank with top leg bent and foot on floor behind straight leg. Drop the hips down as you sweep the arm down then use your obliques, and upper back to lift and reach your arm up and over to the other side. To modify drop down to your elbow and if you need to modify further bend legs and place both knees on floor. To add intensity rest bent leg on top of straight leg.

Quick Workout Tips Add 5 minute warmup and cool down to boost fatloss. Have fun and workout at your own pace. Focus on improving at each workout. Listen to something that inspires you to move. I like David Garrett (video below). His passion for music gets me motivated to train hard.

7 Burn More Fat Workout Tips

Stick with fat burning exercises that boost fatloss hormones. Isolation work is fine but don't do it on high intensity fatloss workout day. Save it for lower intensity days.

Combine fat burning exercises into dynamic movement patterns. The more complex your exercises and your workouts, the more muscles you use, the more fat and calories you burn and the more fatloss hormones your body produces.

Keep your fatloss workouts short and intense. A great fatloss workout should take you 20-30 minutes at most. If it's really intense you could even go as short as 15 minutes. Anything longer than 30 min. at a high intensity sets you up for pain and injuries. If you want to train for an hour add 30 min. of lower intensity exercise to your hiit session instead.

Don't overdo the fatloss workouts. Find the right balance each week between high intensity, moderate intensity, and lower intensity. This helps your body recover faster which means more fatloss.

Workout to burn more fat and boost metabolism. Fatloss isn't about how many calories you burn per workout it's about boosting fatloss hormones for up to 48 hours after you train (afterburn effect) so be sure to workout with intensity.

Eat to maximize metabolism and fatloss. If you're already eating clean to lose fat then why not speed up the process with a variety of diet tricks like carb cycling, strategic cheating, or metabolic cooking. Just one diet tweak for 3-4 weeks will help you burn more fat than you're burning now.

Set realistic fatloss goals that won't set you up to fail. Get real about how much fat you can actually lose each month. Losing 8-15 lb of fat your first couple of months is totally possible but once you have a certain level of conditioning about 1-2 lb of fatloss per week is more realistic no matter what ANY fitness guru says.

8 Fitness Trends That Can Help You Burn More Fat

Interval Training - Is hotter than ever right now especially tabata style interval workouts. The key with intervals is to change up the timing every few weeks.

Fusion Workouts - Mix various styles of training into a killer fat burning workout and you've got fusion. People LOVE this because it kills boredom but mostly because it helps you burn more fat!

Plyometric Exercises - Are fun, boost metabolism and burn tons of fat too. Just be sure to modify to your level to avoid injuries. Wear great shoes if very high impact.

Online Fitness - Is now more popular than gym workouts and personal training combined because going to the gym is expensive, boring, and time consuming. Plus online fitness offers much more variety than your typical gym. Get started with Turbulence Training for Fatloss the #1 Fatloss Workouts Program Online.

Naked Fitness - Barefoot training and primal fitness out in nature is still going strong so don't be afraid to take it outdoors every now and then to boost fat burning.

Sandbag Workouts - Believe it or not sandbags have finally caught on. People love them bcz unlike kettlebells they're less intimidating and easy on your tile floors too.

Fun Workouts - Having more fun makes it easier to push yourself harder and your options are many from karaoke cardio to tire flipping so be sure to keep your workouts fun.

Dance Workouts - Blame Zumba for the dance workout craze but latin inspired aerobics is not your only option. Hip hop, ballet barre, pole dance, aerial dance, and ballroom are also super popular. Try a class every now and then to mix things up.