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The Quick Fatloss Program: 4-8 weeks of Fat Blasting Workouts

The quick fatloss program is a great quick workout program designed to strip 10-20 pounds of fat off your body with intense and quick workouts.

It's great for people who need to burn fat for a special event, lose post holiday or vacation pounds, and for those who need to workout consistently but are too busy for long complicated workouts. Stick to this plan for just 4 weeks and you can lose anywhere from 5-10 pounds. Upgrade to more challenging workouts for another 4 weeks and you can lose another 5-10 pounds.

Quick Fatloss Program Workouts & Workout Schedule

To get the most out of this plan try to schedule all your workouts for the next four weeks into a planner. This increases consistency and gives you a goal to focus on.

Completing 24 workouts in the 4 week period would be ideal but life gets hectic so if you only get 20 workout in then high five yourself because you're doing better than most people!

Day 1: Fat Burning Cardio Workout 20 Min. a 3 exercise mini-circuit that burns calories and fat, and targets the entire lower body with step ups, jump rope, and mountain climbers plus stretches.

Day 2: Quick Fatloss Workout 30 Min. full body workout that works the larger muscles of the body plus challenging ab exercises.

Day 3: Interval Cardio Arms Workout 10 Min. builds lean sculpted arms while burning lots of fat with upper body exercises that incorporate legs or core plus fat burning jump rope and boxing intervals.

Day 4: Quick Fatloss Workout 30 Min. full body workout that works the larger muscles of the body plus challenging ab exercises.

Day 5: Fat Burning Cardio Workout 20 Min. burns around 475 calories with 20 minutes of quick burst of high resistance and short recovery intervals.

Day 6: Interval Cardio Abs Workout 15 Min. blasts belly fat, sculpts sexy abs, and strengthens your core while burning tons of calories.

Be sure to check out the Burn Fat Faster area for more great guides to help you get results faster.

5 Quick Fatloss Program Tips for Faster Results

  • Organize your equipment ahead of time to avoid delays. Take a few minutes before each quick fatloss workout to set everything up, put on some motivating music, and turn off any distractions. This is your time to take care of yourself.

  • Plan to fail. Nobody is perfect so give yourself options. If you get up late and miss your 30 minute full body workout, don't stress and get into failure mentality. Instead, call a friend for an after work fitness date or switch to a 10 minute cardio blast before dinner.

  • Increase the challenge every time you workout. Faster intervals, shorter rest periods, heavier weights, a few extra reps. Get out of your comfort zone every time if you want to see quick results.

  • Focus on what you should be eating.
  • Too many diets focus on eating less, or not eating this or that. The quick fatloss program require you to eat high quality food and eat it often. Get on the abs diet and see how easy it can be.

  • Get enough sleep. Your body won't burn calories or fat as efficiently and won't build lean muscle if you are constantly sleep deprived. Get at least 7 hours a night for a faster metabolism.