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Wedding Workouts for Busy Brides

This quick wedding workouts guide includes the best workout tips and workouts for busy brides that need results fast.

All the workouts below are from my ebook Quick Bootcamp Workouts for Busy Brides that I created back in 2003 and that was featured on the Foxnews.com article Couples Shape Up for Walk Down The Aisle.

You can use the two busy bride bootcamp workouts below for two weeks to get amazing fatloss and toning results and both workouts include links to my ebook in case you have more time and want to continue with a longer wedding workout plan for even better results.

Workout Tip 1: Perform Intense Cardio Intervals for Maximum Fatloss

This quick exercise video shows you how to incorporate intense cardio intervals for maximum fatloss.

If you've been doing long moderate intensity cardio sessions it's crucial that you switch to interval cardio if you want to start getting faster results.

Daily long duration cardio is great for building endurance but it's not the best option if you want to burn fat fast. If you like a longer cardio workout be sure to incorporate at least 20 min. of high intensity interval training into that longer workout for better results.

Workout Tip 2: Combine Full Body Moves in Quick Circuits

This quick exercise video shows you how to move quickly from one exercise to the next. Notice how I'm doing exercises that work several body parts at once.

You don't need a ton of time, money or equipment to get killer fat blasting workouts that gets results fast but you do need to be flexible about the types of exercises you do and how you group them together to get the best result.

Want to try the workout in the video? Check out Busy Brides Bootcamp Workout blog post for detailed instructions. You can even post questions for me there if you like.

More Wedding Workouts

Bride Bootcamp Workout
The first in a series of workouts designed to help you burn fat, get lean and ultra toned in under 15 minutes. Follow the workouts schedule outlined in this workout for two weeks.

Bride Bootcamp Workout 2
The second bride bootcamp workout should be combined with the first for the next 2-3 weeks. They work together to help you burn fat and get ultra toned.

Busy Brides Bootcamp Workout 6 challenging exercises combined into a fat blasting circuit that blasts fat and tones the back, arms, core, glutes, and legs.

Great Sex Workout The best yoga exercises and core exercises for better sex. Improve stamina, flexibility, and circulation to all the most important areas. Reduce stress and boost feel good endorphins.

Interval Cardio & Abs Workout
The interval cardio abs workout is a quick 15 minute workout that blasts belly fat, sculpts sexy abs, and strengthens your core while burning tons of calories.