Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp

Lose belly fat bootcamp will boost workout motivation, and help you burn fat while having tons of fun.

Below you'll find 6 killer fatloss workouts designed to burn as much fat as possible in under 4 weeks.

These workouts will also tone your trouble zones, and boost endurance, flexibility, agility, and strength so you can get lean and fit while saving time.

This program is great for all fitness levels and more fun if you do it with a friend so feel free to share it with everyone you know and be sure to check out the 4 week schedule to get the most out of this plan.

Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp Workouts

Sexy Abs Bootcamp Learn the 4 minute workout trick that bootcamp trainers use to help their clients lose the fat fast. Then get started with 4 killer supersets that work the entire body.

Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp Learn how to do cardio intervals that blast the most fat. It takes less time than you think plus the soundtrack that can help you blast 9 times more fat every time you train.

Hot Abs Bootcamp Blast calories with superesets that include jumps, kicks, band exercises and more plus how to add intensity with gliding discs and the only belly fat ebook that gets results for people with seriously stubborn belly fat.

Burn Belly Fat Bootcamp Learn why non-traditional cardio is great for fatloss then check out the new and improved David Beckam cardio workout and get started with this type of cardio workout that's more fun and much more effective than machine cardio.

Killer Arms Bootcamp Learn how to take a day off or how to get sleek sexy arms boot camp style. No boring isolation moves necessary. The best full body arm workout for killer arms.

Killer Abs Bootcamp Learn why cardio, abs, and stretching go hand in hand then get started with one of the most high energy ab workouts you've ever done.

The Essential Workout Gear for Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp Workouts

Here's the essentials you'll need for bootcamp workouts that involve lots of jumping, running in place, plank work, and multi-directional exercises.

1. adidas Women's SNova Sequence Running Shoe an amazing running shoe that provides tons of cushioning and support, is light, grippy, and flexible. It's the best shoe for all the demanding bootcamp exercises.

2. Hind Motion Sensor Bra - Women's is a must for all women whether you're an A cup or DD cup. Provides great shock absorption, stretcheable molded cups, keeps you cool and dry, and the best part is the hook and eye closure so no risk of shoulder dislocation when putting on or taking off.

3. Beyond Yoga Supplex Original Capri is the best type of bottom to wear for bootcamp workouts. Allows movement in all directions and prevents exposure of your most private parts when doing plank work, ab work, or bent over exercises. The wide band is incredibly comfortable especially for those with belly issues.

4. Adidas Kicker Sportbands are the best hair ties for keeping hair out of your face so you can stay focused on your workout. They have a snug elastic fit that doesn't damage hair and come in many colors.

5. Gymboss Interval Timer is an amazing tool that you can use to set intervals so you can focus on your workout instead of having to watch the clock all the time. It can also help you progress from beginner to advanced quickly and is a great way to keep your workouts from getting boring.

The 4 Week Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp Plan

Congratulations on getting through 6 days of fatloss workouts. Now you're ready for the most important part, the plan. So here's how to plan 3-4 weeks of workouts so you can stay motivated and keep getting results.

Print up a 4 week calendar and schedule as follows:


Week 1-2 all 6 workouts only no repeats

Week 3 all 6 workouts repeat day 1

Week 4 all 6 workouts repeat day 2


Week 1 all 6 workouts only no repeats

Week 2 5 workouts skip day 5 repeat day 1

Week 3 5 workouts skip day 5 repeat day 2

Week 4 5 workouts skip day 5 repeat day 6


Week 1 5 workouts skip day 5 repeat day 1

Week 2 5 workouts skip day 5 repeat day 2

Week 3 all 6 workouts repeat day 1

Week 4 all 6 workouts repeat day 2

After 4 weeks get started with a more challenging bootcamp like Barry's Bootcamp Complete Workout System

Check Out What People Are Saying About Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp

Nicky M. I did workout 1 yesterday and it was very good. I left the gym drenched in sweat. I'm sure people were wondering what I was doing. I'm not one of the most conventional workout people at the gym and often get a hard time about my workouts--all in fun, though b/c I find people teasing me and then later coming to me for advice--interesting.......Thanks, I absolutely love your website.

Brooke S. The boot camp excercises are awesome - as soon as I see them, I think "Oh yeah! I remember when a trainer showed me that" but thanks to your newsletters I can put them all together and use them effectively. Also, I have been working on my interval cardio (running like something is out to get me) and it's going well! Thanks a ton - you're the best!

Teri F. Just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying boot camp! It is great – I love the exercises, especially that they are different every time. That makes it challenging and fun. Of course, I might not be so happy tomorrow when I am aching. Anyway – it is terrific and I am really glad to be in your class.