The Bootcamp Fitness Challenge

The bootcamp fitness challenge is an 8 week fitness challenge designed to help you blast past fitness and fatloss plateus, get ultra lean and ultra fit fast.

Just follow the workouts for each phase then move on to the next phase only if you feel ready to do so.

If you need to stay on a phase a bit longer go ahead and add one more week if necessary.

Try your hardest not to stay on any one phase longer than 4 weeks. The goal is to make your workouts more challenging as the weeks go by so you avoid plateaus and get results.

Be sure to check out the Bootcamp Workouts Guide for 9 quick tips that will help you get great results from your at home bootcamp workouts.

Bootcamp Fitness Challenge Workouts

Phase 1: Week 1-3 Workouts

Bootcamp Fitness Workout - 2x per week

Burn Calories Cardio Workout - 2x per week

Ab Circuit Training Workout - 2x per week

Phase 2: Week 4-6 Workouts

Fitness Bootcamp Workout - 3x per week

Fat Burning Cardio Workout - 2x per week

Ab Circuit Workout Int/Adv - 1x per week

Phase 3: Week 7-8 Workouts

Lebert Equalizer Workout - 2x per week

Bodybar Circuit Workout - 1x per week

Fat Burning Cardio - 2x per week

Sexy Abs Workout - 3x per week

Fitness Gear You'll Need for Your Bootcamp Workouts

The bootcamp challenge is a dynamic workout plan that requires various pieces of fitness gear. You probably have most of the gear listed below but if you don't you can get it here: Affordable Home Gym Gear

Bodybar and/or Dumbbells

Jump Rope

Kettlebell and/or Sandbell

Medicine Ball

Mini Band

Resistance Band

Stability Ball

Step Bench or Plyo Box

Suspension Trainer or Dip Bars