Bootcamp Workouts Guide: Do It Yourself Tips to Get Started

The Bootcamp Workouts Guide shows you why fitness bootcamps are super popular and one of the best ways to get fit and lose fat without spending much money.

Get the top 10 reasons why bootcamp is so effective for fatloss and how to get started with your own at home bootcamp plus links to all the best equipment for your workouts.

You'll also find some quick tips on the type of instructor you need to look for when joining a local boot camp, workout videos of good instructors.

Why Boot Camp Workouts & Boot Camp Exercises Are So Effective for Fatloss

  • Use multi-joint weightloss oriented exercises that burn more calories and fat and boost fitness levels quick.

  • Challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally which is key for long term results.

  • Hold you accountable for showing up and for giving 110% when you're there.

  • Include innovative moves that keep the workout fun and interesting.

  • Set achievable fitness goals that contribute to weight loss and fat loss.

  • Address healthy eating and metabolism boosting strategies.

  • Are full of other highly motivated people who encourage and motivate you.

  • Push you to go past your comfort zone while staying safe.

  • Address all aspects of fitness including cardio, strength, and flexibility.

  • Are more affordable than one on one personal training.

  • Can be modified for people of all levels, even teens.

Do It Yourself Bootcamp Workouts Guide

  • 1. Start by weighing yourself and measuring body fat along with waist and any other body parts that concern you.

  • 2. Determine how much weight and fat you want to lose in the next 4 weeks (be realistic).

  • 3. Perform a physical assessment using the bootcamp assessment print out and make notes as indicated.

  • 4. Choose which days and times you will be working out and set that time aside for your workouts.

  • 5. Plan to workout for four weeks then plan to have one off week when you will re-assess yourself.

  • 6. Choose one or two bootcamp workouts that you are certain you can handle then stick to those for four weeks.

  • 7. Buy any equipment you need for the workouts you've chosen and set up an area where you can leave it since you will be using it almost daily.

  • 8. After four weeks take one week off then choose two new bootcamp workouts and go for a second round.

  • 9. Challenge yourself a bit every day with more reps, more weight, or more intense intervals.

How To Find The Best Bootcamp Workouts Guide/Trainer/Instructor In Your City

If you're not highly motivated to workout on your own or you need guidance to make sure you're doing your boot camp exercises properly then joining a boot camp group is a great option. Here's what to look for and what to ask?

1. Look for a bootcamp workouts guide who is certified, has experience and also the ability to adapt workouts to individual needs. Ask questions about how they handle your specific challenges i.e. back or knee pain, shoulder injuries, lack of core strength or stability. If your instructor can't give you a good answer about how they modify exercises then find somebody who can otherwise you'll end up injured and in pain.

2. Look for bootcamp workouts guides who are tough but motivate with positive reinforcement vs. degrading military tactics. Ask what they do to get you to work harder and burn calories. If it sounds very strict then you need to find someone who is more creative and fun about getting the job done. This is fitness not brain surgery and fitness should be fun (contrary to what many think).

3. Look for bootcamp workouts guides who believe in working out smarter not harder. Results are not achieved by working people to death. They are accomplished by teaching people the best fat burning exercises and combining those exercises in a way that burns the most fat while having fun. Ask to watch a class or watch videos on their website to get an idea of what they do. Look for dynamic, safe, and fun workouts and people having a great time working out with intensity that burns fat.