Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer

The Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer (better known as the TRX) is used by the miliatry, boot camp clients, Jennifer Lopez, biggest loser contestant, and MMA fighters to blast fat and get seriously fit.

Below you'll get the 411 on why the Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer has become the go to fitness gear for professionals and fitness enthusiasts.

You can also watch suspension training videos featuring the best TRX total body exercises and workouts, other suspension trainer options, anchoring tips, and more.

Why Fitness Anywhere Suspension Training Is Great for Fatloss

1. Workout Anytime Anywhere. You can use the TRX Suspension Trainer in your home, at the park, at the gym, in your hotel room, dorm room, in group classes, even on the subway. No joke, some guy used in the Bay Area Rapid Transit just to prove that point.

2. Perform Quick & Simple Fat Burning Workouts. The TRX was designed so you can transition between many exercises quickly and easily, allowing you to complete challenging fat burning workouts in less time and with just your body weight.

3. Train Your Entire Body & Get Super Fit. The TRX is one of the few pieces of equipment that allows you to work on strength, endurance, core, flexibility, mobility, and stability, all while having tons of fun. You'll ban boredom forever and get seriously fit.

4. Anybody Can Use The TRX. The suspension trainer is so versatile that anybody can use it. I've seen men in their 80's using it, obese biggest losers using it, athletes using it, and buff moms using it. It can be adapted to any fitness level, any person, and any fitness goal.

5. Saves Money Save Time. Not only does suspension training get you a better body while having more fun, it also replaces your gym membership and is more effective than any space hogging home gym machine and tons of fitness gear. Unlike meat market gyms and gadgets that just collect dust you'll actually look forward to TRX workouts.

TRX & Suspension Trainer Workouts

Need TRX exercises and workouts? You can find Suspension Trainer workouts, videos, and tips everywhere. Get started with any of the TRX workouts below. Subscribe to our newsletter and get suspension trainer workouts via email too.

Amalfi Hybrid Circuit Workout Challenge includes 3 intense trx exercise and 3 sandbell exercises for fatloss and total body strength, toning, and endurance.

Best Back & Core Workout a quick circuit that targets the back and core, features TRX suspended scorpion, power pulls and single leg rows plus 5 rounds of regular pushups.

Cardio Core Workout features TRX letter drills, and intense TRX cardio exercises and lower body exercises that blast fat and target the core, glutes, and legs.

Core Butt Fatloss Workout features TRX and valslide exercises that burn fat target the core, glutes, and legs so you can sculpt a lean toned lower body.

Extreme Fat Loss Workout Challenge this intense circuit workout includes 5 killer TRX exercises that target the core, legs, and back.

Fatloss and Core Strength Workout includes stability ball and TRX exercises that strengthen your core, flatten your abs, and burn ab fat.

Primal Vitality Workout B features TRX exercises that correct postural imbalances, build core and total body strength and improve mobility.

Restorative Rest Area Workout A great restorative workout to unkink your body after a long trip plus a cool video of Frasier's Great Wall of China TRX Workout.

Tabata Intervals TRX Cardio Workout combines the best trx cardio exercises into a high intensity cardio workout that blasts fat and tones your entire body.

TRX Outdoors Park Workout includes 1 warm-up circuit, a back and lower body circuit and an intense metcon fatloss circuit plus cool down.

Weekend Warrior Workout includes 3 intense bodyweight exercises (1 with TRX) that blast fat and challenge your endurance, core stability, and total body strength.

Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer Workouts and More TRX Tips

Drew Brees TRX Game Day Challenge 3 fat blasting TRX exercises combined into a killer circuit that boosts endurance, strength, power, stability, and more.

TRX Surf Stronger Workout a TRX workout download (not free) that I tried and loved because it's a great workout for core, fatloss, and total body conditioning. Beautiful video too.

TRX Cardio Workout Ideas Coach Dos' funny video that urges you to get off the treadmill and give TRX cardio a try. Features TRX skaters, 180 jumps and other intenese TRX exercsies you can try.

TRX Suspension Trainer vs. Lifeline Jungle Gym Confused about which suspension trainer to buy? My TRX and Jungle Gym review will help you decide what's best for you at this time.

Pull Up Bar or Chin Up Bar vs. TRX Confused about whether a pull up bar or chin up bar is better than a TRX or whether a TRX is better than Jungle Gym or Lebert Bars? It's all good! Check out all the types of fitness gear you can row with and then decide what works best for you.

Why You Need Bodyweight Rows get the facts about why you need bodyweight rows whether you decide to buy a TRX or not.

Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer Advantages & Getting Started Tips

If you love fat burning workouts that tone your entire body then the Fitness Anywhere suspension trainer is a great tool that will get you results fast.

You can use it to burn fat and calories, tone up, strengthen your core, flatten your abs, and boost flexibility too! It's a total body tool that addresses all areas of fitness.

The best way to get started with the suspension trainer is to click the links to find a suspension trainer that fits your needs and your budget.

The TRX is the most popular suspension trainer but there are newer more affordable brands that can work for you too.

Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer Anchoring Solutions - Setup & Use Video

Anchoring your Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer is super easy. You can use a variety of anchors and attach it to a door, the ceiling, a tree, free motion towers, gym equipment, and more. Just watch the setup clinic below to learn more and to find the right anchoring solution for your needs.

We chose a ceiling anchor because working out near our front door or garage door was not practical. We also choose to save money by getting a $3 load bearing hook vs. the x mount which runs about $35 (yikes! that's way more than anybody needs to pay). Be sure to ask for a load bearing hook that is going to support your weight if you plan to do what we did.

Also the Fitness Anywhere Suspension Trainer is a single point attachment device. Other suspension trainers have multiple point attachments so be sure to consider your attachments needs before deciding on brand.