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Drew Brees TRX Game Day Challenge

by Monica

Have you tried the Drew Brees TRX Game Day Challenge? It includes 3 simple but very challenging exercises that focus on endurance, speed, agility, core strength as well as total body strength.

Sprinter start with hop 30 per leg
Power pull 20 each arm
Suspended incline press 10 each leg

This workout is really tough but also very fun. Try it and let me know what you think. My favorite of all three suspension trainer exercises is the power pull.

I've actually been doing this exercise for a few weeks now to improve upper body strength and thoracic mobility for aerial dance.

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Drew Brees TRX Game Day Challenge

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Why Drew Brees Trains on The TRX
by: Monica

Drew Brees talks about his plans to win the superbowl and how he's been using the TRX since 2006 to prepare for this.

Talk about long term goals! I think if most of us planned in terms of what we want to be doing with our bodies in 4 years we would surpass our health and fitness goals and totally surprise ourselves.

How far ahead do you plan in terms of fitness goals? I usually plan as far ahead as 2 months and sometimes as far ahead as 6 months. What about you?

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