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Pull up Bar Rows Great for Fatloss, Strength & Toning

by Monica

The pushup gets featured in just about every fatloss workout out there but one of the best upper body exercise for fatloss is actually the pull up bar inverted row.

I'm not talking about those hardcore military style pullups that you see buff dudes and prison inmates doing either. The pull up bar row is challenging but not as difficult to master as the regular pullup. Just watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Pull up bar rows are a great exercise for women who want to burn fat, lose back fat, tighten and tone the upper back and the biceps. It also indirectly work your core and can work the lower body depending on how you position the legs.

This exercise can be performed on a pull up bar, various types of railings or poles, the smith machine at the gym, the trx, or with equalizer bars or the ultimate body press dip stand. All these can be found in our pullup bars amazon shop.

Check out more examples of pull up bar rows below. I use a suspension trainer for all my rows. Watch my best back & core workout to see how I incorporate this exercise into a total body workout. Click the link if for full workout instructions.

Watch more varations of pull up bar rows below.

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Pull up Bar Rows Great for Fatloss, Strength & Toning

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Suspension Trainer Bodyweight Rows
by: Monica

Body Weight Rows using a suspension trainer are the best option for most people because you can make it as difficult or as easy as you want simply by adjusting the height of the cables, the angle of the body, as well as the angle of the legs.

Below strength and conditioning expert Steve Maxwell shows you how to position your body when performing body weight rows with the jungle gym so that you can get the most out of this exercise whether you're a beginner or very advanced.

Ana's Kick A** Modified Pullups Workout
by: Monica

There's nothing I love more than real people doing real workouts that work! In the video below cute girl next door- Ana, shows you how to do pull up bar rows on those exercise bars you can find at virtually any park.

She is supersetting two of the hardest bodyweight exercises, pull up bar rows and pushups. She is taking a break in between superests (very important if you want to get through this workout).

She's also doing 5 sets of descending reps which means she starts with low reps then keeps reducing the reps by one until her last set is over. This is one of the best ways to build strength and get really good at a tough exercise.

Pole Dance Lebert Bars Pull up Workout
by: Monica

One of the most killer pull up workouts I've ever done is the pole dance pull up workout by pole dance diva Elizabeth.

Below she shows you how to perform various types of pull up holds using a dance pole as well as body weight rows on the lebert equalizer, another great piece of equipment for bodyweight exercises.

You probably don't own a dance pole and neither do I (I am thinking of getting one) but you can actually do these at the park. My son and I do these types of pull up holds on the bars at our park from time to time. They're fun and they do work to build upper body strength plus they are great as part of a fatloss workout.

If you are considering a pole dance class this move will also help you build strength so you don't get injured in class.

There are many ways to perform pull up rows. I'll be adding more fun versions as I find them so be sure to check back for more ideas. Got a fun pull up exercise you love? Share it below.

Chin Up Bars For Home
by: argis shawin

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