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Best Back & Core Workout

by Monica

The best back and core workout is one that improves posture and upper body strength, burns fat, flattens the belly, sculpts a toned upper body, and builds the type of core stability and mobility that prevents injuries.

Below is an example of a great back and core workout that does all that and more. It combines 4 fun suspension trainer exercises into a circuit and includes a standard set of pushups.

It's perfect for anybody who wants flat abs, toned arms, better posture, more upper body strength and better core stability for sports or every day activities.

The suspended scorpion is probably the hardest of all the exercises. Be sure to modify and try it with less range of motion to start if this is a weak area for you. Even just extending the leg back and practicing holding a single leg plank works well if you're just getting started with this exercise.

Back & Core Workout Instructions:

Perform 30 seconds of each suspension trainer exercise making sure to hit each side for 30 seconds. Go from one exercise to the next without rest. It helps if you program a second 5 sec. transition interval into your Gymboss. After one full circuit rest for 1 minute then repeat 3-4 times. Advanced aim for 4-5 total circuits. Intermediates try for 3-4 and beginners start with 2 working up to 3.

Continue with 5 sets of 5 pushups resting one minute between sets. Finish up with 5-10 minutes of upper body stretches.

Sexy Back Core Workout:

TRX power pull 30 seconds on each side
TRX suspended scorpions 30 seconds each side
TRX single leg row reverse grip 30 seconds
TRX single leg row wide grip 30 seconds (switch legs for balance)
Rest 1 minute repeat circuit 3-4 more times

Regular pushups 5 reps (modify to knees if necessary)
Rest 1 minute repeat 4 more times

TRX upper body stretches 5-10 minutes

Tips: Work on slow controlled movement and use my core activation technique to stabilize the body.

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Best Back & Core Workout

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by: Volcane

Would love to try out TRX, but if I got one how would I suspend it at home? What are you hanging it off in your video?

TRX anchoring solutions
by: Monica

Hey Volcane

The TRX suspension trainer can be anchored just about anywhere. I guess that's why they called their company Fitness Anywhere : )

I anchored mine to a weight bearing beam in the ceiling with a $3 weight bearing hook from home depot. TRX sells their own mounts if you prefer those.

Here is a quick video that shows all the anchoring options (doors, trees, gyms, ceilings, poles). It's a very versatile piece of fitness gear.

Fitness Anywhere Video

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