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Trx Cardio Workout Boosts Fatloss

by Monica

This hilarious TRX Cardio Workout video will convince you to get the heck off those cardio machines and start doing more intense cardio workouts that boost fatloss.

You've heard me go on about it in the past but the fact is machine cardio royally stinks as an effective fatloss tool especially if you've been doing it for a long time.

Unless you absolutely love being chained to a treadmill 45 minutes a day 6 days a week then there are thousands of ways to get a much better cardio workout with your bodyweight, with a suspension trainer with sandbells, with valslides, even with a dumbbell and some resistance bands. So "Say Mercy" and try some non-machine cardio if you want to burn more fat faster.

This fun suspension trainer cardio workout video includes the butt-killer 180 jump. You can also watch the video below to see how I do cardio with the trx. Click the link for full workouts instructions.

Tabata Intervals TRX Cardio Workout

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Trx Cardio Workout Boosts Fatloss

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by: Deb

That is a very funny video! And it makes the trx look like a lot of fun! Some day...
However up here in NW Montana we depend on the treadmill for winter and rainy days. Minus 20 is hard to get motivated to wokout outside. Plus the dog can use the treadmill!! Some day I hope to have a trx and the dog can have the treadmill while I have a fun workout!! Thanks for all you do to help us that workout at home!

cardio and weather
by: Monica

Wow, 20 below? That's crazy! I've never experienced weather like that in my life but have always wanted to visit Montana. We decided on Oregon/Washington for this year's vacation but might be heading your way next year.

Here in AZ we have the opposite problem. In the summer (which is right around the corner) the temperatures usually reach the mid 90's by mid morning and are anywhere from 105 to 115 from noon to 3 p.m. so training outdoors is unbearable.

The only time I take my TRX outdoors is when my son and I want to goof around. I usually just train with it in my living room and my clients use it in the gym. I need to take it outdoors more : )

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