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Fatloss & Core Strength Workout

by Monica

I love a great core strength workout simply because core exercises are much more fun and exciting plus they burn tons of fat.

Unlike traditional strength training, core exercises challenge a variety of movement patterns and are very useful for all types of sports and daily activities. I had been neglecting my core strength workouts for a while but my body seems to really be craving this type of training right now. Probably because everything we do in aerial dance is 100% dependent on core strength, stability, as well as mobility.

So I put together a 4 week core strength workout plan that focuses on improving core strength and stability as well as total body strength and endurance. This program is also super effective for fatloss and will help you flatten your abs freakishly fast (just in time for beach season).

This is the second workout in the series. You can find the other two on the blog or get them by signing up for the newsletter.

Fatloss Core Strength Workout:

Superset 1:
Stability ball med. ball back extensions
Valslide medicine ball figure 8 lunges

Superset 2:
Stability ball single leg jackknife
TRX stability ball rows

Superset 3:
Stability Ball or TRX pushup to pike
TRX handstand preps

Workout Option 1: Timed intervals
Pick this option if you need to learn how to focus on quality vs. quantity. Set your Gymboss to two intervals 30-45 seconds for the first one and 10 seconds for the second one. Perform the first two exercises back to back with a 10 second transition between exercises. Rest for a minute then repeat two more times. Do the same with the following two supersets. **Set your Gymboss for one round and just push start after every break.

Option 2: Reps for Time (about 20 minutes)
Pick this option if you already have excellent form but you need to improve workout efficiency for fatloss. Packing in more exercises into shorter workouts. Perform 8-10 reps of the first two exercises back to back. After one superset rest for 30 seconds then repeat two more times. Do the same with following two supersets.

Fatloss Core Strength Workout Tips:

1. Don't try to get too crazy the first time especially if you're a beginner. Start with the easier versions of each exercise and work up to the harder version.

2. The last exercise is challenging and the entire point of this exercise is to stabilize the pelvis by using your abs, your glutes, and your upper back. So squeeze those shoulder blades together, squeeze your glutes and contract your abs. When you don't do all this the suspended leg will move all over the place.

3. If the figure 8 lunge is too tough do it without the valslide. If it's still too hard then do it without a ball. Add various levels of instability only when you feel ready.

Have fun! Got questions? Ask me below.

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Fatloss & Core Strength Workout

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best abs and thighs fat loss workout?
by: Anonymous

Whats the BEST ab and thigh workout to lose fat and weight fast??

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