The Best Stability Ball Exercises That Burn Fat & Sculpt A Lean Toned Body

Stability ball exercises can burn tons of calories and fat when you include dynamic stability ball moves that work your entire body.

Most people know how to do the basics i.e. stability ball pushups, crunches, knee tucks and using the ball as a bench.

The guide below shows you how to progress from basic stability ball moves to more challenging stability ball workouts that burn tons of fat and tighten and tone your entire body.

Top 3 Stability Ball Exercises to Blast Fat & Tone Your Entire Body

1. Prone stability ball exercises that require either hands on the floor and feet on the ball or feet on the floor and hands on the ball. These exercises work every muscle in your body but they especially work your abs, glutes, inner thighs, and low back muscles because they have to work hard to keep you from falling on your face.

2. Single side stability ball exercises such as a bulgarian squat or single sided dumbbell press (featured in the stability ball workout below) where only one side of the body is doing work. Having a heavy load on one side and no load on the other side forces your entire body to work extra hard to stay on the ball.

3. Rolling stability ball exercises like the plank walk outs that Chris was doing in the video, plank pikes, or rollover pushups (in video below), require non-stop movement that burns tons of fat and calories while challenging every inch of your body in every way possible (strength, stability, flexibility, cardio, and balance). These are the exercises that really make you sweat!

Best Type of Ball for Your Stability Ball Exercises

Size: If you're under 5'4" then try a 45-55 cm ball. If you're taller than that a 55-65 cm ball is ideal. If you're taller than 6' then a 65-75 cm ball might fit you better. The key to finding the right fit is to lay with head and shoulders on the ball, lower body off the bell with legs bent at a 90 degree angle. Your hips should be level with your waist and waist should be about the same height as your shoulders. Any deviation from this can put excess strain on your knees, low back, hips, and neck.

Types: There are four basic types of stability balls you can buy. Most brands are very durable and most come with a pump and some type of guide. Here's what you really need to figure out before you buy.

Variable Pressure Stability Ball can be adjusted between two sizes by letting some air out but the feel of the ball completely changes as you add or take air out. It's really a matter of preference. If you can't be bothered with having to adjust the pressure all the time then this is not the ball for you.

Regular Stability Ball is one size whether inflated to it's max or slightly less than full. It fits your body just right but can sometimes feel off with some stability ball exercises. A stability ball dumbbell chest press might feel better with a 65cm even for somebody like me who is under 5'4" and some of my very tall male clients actually prefer a 55 cm ball for pushups or planks. Again it's a matter of preference so think of the types of xercises you'll be doing before buying.

Oblong Stability Ball like the ones used in Barry's Bootcamp are great for those who need to work on a ball but are balance and stability challenged.

If you have difficulty with balance during stability ball exercises then this is a great option for you.

Ballast Stability Ball is one of the coolest things ever invented!

It has sand inside that makes it stay in place so it's great for beginners and those with poor balance.

It's also great for the more advanced who want to perform a quick full body fatloss workout like the one featured in the video here. To make this workout even better add a set of pushups or burpees or stability ball leg curls to increase intensity and fatloss.

Fat Burning Stability Ball Exercises Workout

Perform the first three stability ball exercises for 30 seconds each going from one to the next without rest. After your first circuit rest 30-60 seconds and repeat two more times. Do the same with the last three exercises. Combine with a 20 minute fat burning cardio workout if you want to burn more calories and fat.

One arm chest press and thrust
1) Walk feet forward allowing flexaball to roll underneath body until it is positioned on mid to upper back region (you may rest head on flexaball). Raise hips to create a “table top” position parallel to floor.
3) Start position: Maintaining stability, bring 1 DB to shoulder and press up positioning DB above the chest with palm facing forward.
4) Lower the DB keeping your forearm perpendicular to the floor and your hand aligned at the nipple line.
5) Let your upper arm go slightly past parallel to the floor and press the DB up to the start position. As you press up forcefully bring the other arm down towards the shoulder.
6) Your body should rotate just a little with this type of movement. Complete prescribed repetitions and then perform with other arm.

Stability ball workout tip:
Use weight that is challenging.
Sets RepsWeight/
DB Bulgarian Split Squat
1. Start by holding dumbells at your side.
2. Place your back foot on a bench with your other leg out in front of you.
3. Proceed into a squat position by lowering your hips straight down.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat for the suggested repetitions.
5. Repeat with the other leg.

Stability ball workout tip:
Prop back foot on ball instead of bench. Wedge ball into corner or use ballast ball if you have trouble with balance.
Sets RepsWeight/
Push ups with knee tuck
1. Start by getting in a push up position with your feet on top of a ball.
2. Proceed to perform a push up balancing on top of the ball. Return to the starting position and then bring your knees in towards your chest.
3. Return to the parallel position and repeat for the prescribed repetitions.

Stability ball workout tip:
Take the chin all the way to the floor to boost intensity.
Sets RepsWeight/
Alternating Single Leg Bridge
Rollout on the ball until just your feet are on the ball and you are forming a bridge.
Keeping this position lift one foot off of the ball and hold for 1-2 seconds.
Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

Stability ball workout tip:
Keep abs contracted and hands below shoulders at all times for increased stability. Use the glutes to raise the foot and leg up.
Sets RepsWeight/
Supine extended DB pullover
1. Lie on your back with the ball below your upper back. Your hips should be almost touching the ground.
2. Hold a kettleball in each hand at chest level.
3. Proceed to push with your feet so that your body comes up on top of the ball and is extended.
4. At the same time press the dumbells behind your head until your arms are extended.
5. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Stability ball workout tip:
Use medicine ball, dumbbell, or no weight but be sure to reach all the way back to the floor then way down into the low squat to work every inch of your body.
Sets RepsWeight/
Single Leg Hip Extension on Ball
1. Assume back lying position on floor. Place hands at sides with palms down on floor.
2. Start position: Place one heel on top of Flexaball with knee slightly bent.
3. Raise hips off floor by pressing one heel into ball.
4. Return to start position.
5. To increase difficulty, raise and extend arms above chest.

Stability ball workout tip:
Try with both feet on ball if this is too challenging then progress to this version after a few weeks.
Sets RepsWeight/