Sandbag Training Question

by Shannon

I'd like to start adding the sandbag moves in my clients' workouts, which brand/type do you recommend? I've made the mistake of buying the wrong type K-Bells in the past and I don't want to waste my money again. I'd like to get the sandbag right the first time. =) Thanking you in advance for your time and reply.

I'm a fellow ISSA Fitness Trainer and I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your emails and videos. I feel like we have the same philosophy on fitness.

Shannon Beason

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Sandbag Training Question

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sandbag training vs. sandbell workouts
by: Monica

Hey Shannon

I remember when Josh first contacted me back in 2003 to write about his product. I loved it but back then women were kind of not open to this. A lot has changed in the last few years, finally!!!

The cool thing about the Sandbag is it has handles which makes it easier to hold when moving the weight around the body. The shape also makes it easier to hold when doing getups or lunges with the bag resting on the shoulder. The size is also somewhat adjustable.

The SandBell has no handles and is more round shape. It requires you to use a lot more grip strength and the weight is distributed more evenly (not so much shifting) so a beginner client with a weak core would not struggle with sandbell training as much. You can also use it for partner exercises, get it wet, and it's much easier to swing.

Imagine your client with the least amount of core strength and stability, forward shoulder rotation (that's practically every client these days) low back issues, knee issues, etc. then picture them using both products. What do you see happening? When I asked myself this question the Sandbell won hands down. It's practical, smaller learning curve, more forgiving, more fun, and just as versatile as the sandbag plus I love it too (that matters also). The best place to buy is from Perform Better or Amazon because you can return to both hassle free. Always look into return policies when buying gear. Here's some videos so you can see the differences I mentioned.

Sandbag works well with halos, all types of lunges, getups.

Sandbell great for tossing, swinging, building core stability and partner exercises. 10-15 lb is a great starting weight for most clients.

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