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Kettlebell Workouts Torch Calories, Save Time, & Boost Mobility

Kettlebell workouts have been around for a long time but are becoming more and more popular for rapid fatloss especially with women.

The reason kettlebell exercises are so effective for fatloss, weightloss, and fitness is they train your entire body with fullbody functional movements that improve posture and promote health.

Kettlebell workouts target every single muscle in your body. They also keep your mind engaged and keep your workouts from getting boring. So not only do you burn fat, get strong, improve mobility and balance, your mind body connection gets stronger too.

If you've always wanted to explore mind body fitness but Pilates and yoga are not your thing then this is an amazing option.

Kettlebell Workouts for Fatloss

Kettlebell exercises are awesome because they mimic real movement. They're also very dynamic and can provide an amazing cardio workout.

It's important to start with the basics like kettlebell swings, one arm rows, figure 8 holds, snatches, cleans and squat presses. But don't worry the basics are tough enough to blast some serious fat.

Once you develop your kettlebell skills you can move on to more complex exercises like the ones featured in the video.

Kettlebell Workouts, Sandbag, Sandbell, & Clubbell Exercises Too

Ab Circuit Training is a 7 exercise killer ab circuit that includes the turkish getup. An awesome ab workout that also burns tons of fat and calories.

Bodyweight Exercises and Dumbbell Flow 6 bodyweight exercises followed by a dumbbell swings matrix workout. Can also be done with kb.

Dumbbell Swings or KB Swings for Fatloss learn the most basic kb move plus all the different equipment you can use to do it.

Fat Burning Leg Exercises a killer leg workout that combines dumbbells, kettlebells, and sandbag for toning, fatloss, and a killer core and butt too.

Fatloss Supersets Workout includes the kettlebell row plus 5 other great fatloss exercises so you can get started with one simple move.

trx and sandbell swings circuit or bodyweight exercises and kb swings circuit for fatloss, flat abs, and core stability.

Kettlebell Fatloss Workout includes all the basics along with some cardio to help you burn extra calories.

Kick-Ass Boot Camp Workout combines sandbells, ropes, trx, kettlebell, and bosu into a fun fatloss workout.

Post Holiday Detox KB Workout an awesome kb circuit burn fat and detox your body from Sarah Lurie creator of Iron Core Kettlebell Workout DVD series.

Rockit Drill Burns Fat a clubbell exercise similar to the kb swing that can also be performed with dumbbells and sandbells.

Sandbell Fatloss Workout similar to a kettlebell workout but more fun and a little less scary for those just getting started with swinging exercises. Tons of great tips too.

Total Body Bootcamp Workout includes bodyweight exercises and sandbag exercises that can also be done with a kettlebell and target the entire body. The sprints at the end boost fatloss.

Turkish Getup for Fatloss great tips on how to perform this killer kb move from Anthony D. of Art of Strength.

What Size Kettlebell Do You Need?

If you're a first time kettlebell user it's important to determine your level of fitness before choosing a weight.

Kettlebells are measured in both pounds and kilos so be very careful not to get confused when ordering.

Another thing to keep in mind is the style of kettlebell. You can buy cast iron, cap barbell, kettlebell stacks with adjustable handles, vinyl coated, and even sand filled. It's really a matter of preference.

I've only tried the cast iron and vinyl coated types and they felt exactly the same. Check out the video to get weight recommendations from kettlebell expert Anthony D.

How to Perform The Famous Turkish Getup

The turkish getup is probably one of the most popular kettlebell moves around. It looks easy enough but if you don't learn how to perfect it you can get seriously injured.

In this kettlebell video expert Rasul D. breaks it down into more manageable segments so you can work this fat burning move without getting hurt.

Get the basics down from the master of kettlebell training Pavel Tsatsouline. Pavel trains all the top kettlebell experts and his books are easy to read and follow. Try The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.