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by Monica

Somebody asked me this week if I ever combine suspension trainer exercises and valslide exercises. Sounds like fun but I never have because that combination doesn't fit my current fitness goals. Maybe I will try it some day.

I do combine valslide exercises with sandbell or resistance band exercises. I've also tried combining suspension trainer and stability ball exercises. I actually used my son as a guinea pig for this experiment since he has amazing balance and mobility. I figured if he could do it easily then I would be able to do it too.

Combining fitness equipment or even different styles of training is a great way to keep things interesting just make sure that it's safe, that there's a reason for what you're doing, and that you work up to anything you're trying to do.

A bad example of this (I saw this in the gym recently) is standing on a bosu with back against a stability ball while holding heavy dumbbells. There is no need to create this type of instability under such a heavy load.

Performing a suspension trainer lunge while holding one dumbbell or a sandbell that you can just drop on the floor if you're having balance issues would be a better option. Watch the video below to see how and keep in mind that mixing equipment is really fun and has many benefits. Just be sure you have a plan and that you're being safe.

Seen some dangerous stuff at the gym? Tell me all about it below.

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