Timed Intervals for Fatloss

by Monica

Why do all the best fatloss experts, bootcamp trainers, and core experts use a Gymboss for timed intervals instead of reps?

There are various reasons why fatloss experts who transform bodies in record time prefer timed exercises.

Here are just a few of the reasons why plus my #1 tip for getting results from timed interval workouts.

Timed Exercises vs. Counting Reps

1. A timed interval allows you to improve the quantity of work you do in a set amount of time. If you're out of shape, injured, or beginner/intermediate, over time you'll be able to pack more work into the same amount of time and this is the key to burning more fat.

2. Timed intervals allow you to focus on improving the quality of your workout. You might be able to perform 12 reps of an exercise with very poor form but when you eliminate the counting, the focus turns to how well you're doing something not how many of something you're doing and doing it better means your body will work harder and you will burn more fat.

Watch the video for an example of the type of bodyweight exercise that you might only be able to perform for 5-8 reps during a timed interval. As the weeks go by and you improve you might be able to get 12-15 reps of this exercise.

Remember that packing more quality work into the same amount of time is what will burn the fat. As coach Steer loves to say more isn't better, better is better.

3. Timing an exercise boosts motivation by challenging you to beat your last workout. When you count reps you can manipulate a handful of variables including weight, tempo, and form. When you time an exercise you can work on all those things as well as adding reps in a set amount of time. This keeps you motivated to do better each workout and staying motivated gets you to your goal faster.

Timed Interval Workout Tip

The Gymboss Interval Timer is one of the most important tools you can have for fatloss workouts. Before I got a Gymboss, I was relying on this big stopwatch that I was using with all my corrective exercise clients. The stopwatch was big, bulky, and not programmable for more than one interval.

I finally bought a Gymboss and was able to just set the timer for as many rounds as I want and really start focusing more on my workouts. If you want results from timed intervals be sure to get your Gymboss Interval Timer. It will help you burn more fat and reshape your body faster.

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