Fun Gliding Disc Exercises That Burn Fat & Tone Your Entire Body

Gliding disc exercises are awesome for toning the entire body and they are especially great for butt leg and ab workouts that really burn fat.

The best thing about Gliding Discs is how affordable they are. They're a great alternative to ab wheels and slide boards.

Plus you can easily pack them away in your luggage or gym bag and use them just about anywhere that has a carpeted or smooth floor.

Below you'll find some of the best gliding disc exercises and workouts for abs, butt, legs, and upper body. Reviews on the two top brands plus great videos with ideas on how to use them.

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Gliding Disc Exercises for Killer Butt, Lean Legs, Flat Abs

As soon as you start using Gliding Discs you're going to notice 3 things.

1. You breathe much harder and sweat a lot more.

2. Your abs, butt, and legs start to burn right away.

3. You have way more fun with your workouts.

Gliding Disc Workouts and Valslide Exercises target every muscle in your body. So no matter what exercise you happen to be doing, they burn fat and tone with laser precision.

They are more demanding but also tons of fun so you burn more fat and your workout seems to just fly by. All the workouts below include gliding disc exercises.

Butt Lift Exercises and Cardio Butt Workout

Butt Toning Workout Routines

Gliding Disc Exercises for Fullbody Toning & Fatloss

As you can see in the video, gliding disc exercises can target the entire body. They are also great for knee and hip rehab.

You can use them for traveling planks, plank pikes, inner and outer thigh moves, lunges, bridges with leg curls.

When you perform regular full body exercises on gliding discs your abs and glutes have to work extra hard to keep you stable and this increases calories burned and fatloss. Get started with my Valslide Exercises for Lean Legs Workout.

Gliding Discs & Valslide Great for Bootcamps

Gliding Discs can be combined with weights, bars, or balls for increased fat burning and toning.

They are also a great tool for bootcamps and bootcamp workouts because they add intensity without having to add equipment. Great for cardio intervals like side to side slides, mountain climbers, plank walkouts, traveling planks.

The combinations are endless and can make your workouts more fun and more challenging so you can get results faster.

Get started with the Total Body Boot Camp Workout.

Gliding Discs or Valslide

Both products are very similar except for 3 features:

Shape: Gliding Discs are round and the Valslide discs are oblong. Round discs are harder to control for beginners but advanced exercisers like the freedom to move in all directions. The oblong shape is easier to control and fits the shape of the hands and feet but not as easy to move in diagonal directions. I prefer more freedom to move in all directions.

Padding: Valslide discs have rubber padding on the top and gliding discs have no padding at all. The rubber does create a more solid grip and the padding under the hand feels good but again it's totally a matter of preference. I prefer the padding when doing upper body exercises.

Extras: Both discs come with dvd's that feature great exercises but Gliding discs feature more classic aerobics style workout dvd's.

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