Valslide Exercises for Lean Legs

by Monica

I was playing around with my valslides this morning while filming a workout for a visitor who asked me how she could get leaner legs.

I was just goofing around with all kinds of moves when I suddenly realized that one of the main reasons valslide exercises are so awesome for fitness and fatloss is they increase the range of motion on any version of the lunge.

You can go so much deeper and not only are you recruiting more muscle but you're also improving dynamic flexibility which is necessary for so many sports, for yoga, martial arts, and for my new favorite activity aerial dance.

The other reason gliding disc exercises are so awesome is you can train a multitude of movement patterns and training in various planes of motion is key to getting stronger, fitter, and leaner faster. Here is my valslide leg exercises workout to get you started.

Valslide Leg Workout Instructions:

Valslide leg extension bridges (stick to one side if alternating is too tough)

Valslide mountain climbers (this is strictly for fatloss so use your abs not your legs)

Valslide adductors (great inner thigh exercise not a glute exercise)

Valslide alternating reverse lunges to lateral lunges (combining these will kick your butt)

Valslide curtsy lunge (band extension optional if you feel like adding more instability or need to stretch hip flexors on the opposite side, hold off on this if you're a beginner or have poor core stability or shoulder issues).

Only take 10 seconds to transition between exercises. After one circuit rest for 30 seconds then repeat 2-3 more times.

Finish up with 4 sets of 8-10 low impact jump squats with moderate weights. Use a sandbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, or medicine ball. Rest 15 seconds between sets. Shorter rest periods means more fatloss.

Stretch or go for a moderate paced walk to cool down, about 5-10 minutes is perfect.

Gliding Disc Workout Tips:

If this is your first time doing a gliding disc exercises be sure to be stay focused on your core. The further your legs move away from your body the more you need to draw in the abs (right at the belly button) to stabilize the body and prevent low back or knee injuries.

If you're more advanced and you have strong legs with a good amount of muscle stick to 10-12 reps. If you feel this is too easy instead of adding reps which build more muscle work on tempo or range of motion or both. Slow it way down or speed it up and go deeper.

Got tons of flab, lots of cellulite or need to add a bit of lean muscle to look toned? Stick to a higher rep range 15-20. This will build lean toned muscle (no bulk, I promise). The lower rep range is strictly for people who are already happy with the amount of muscle they have.

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Valslide Exercises for Lean Legs

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Not just for legs...
by: Cath

Great for legs but fab for trunk stability! With the added bonus of developing good balance and co-ordination also. Love it!

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