Total Body Boot Camp Workout

by Monica

The total body boot camp workout burns fat and calories, increases strength and endurance, and targets all the trouble zones including abs, butt, arms, and inner thighs.

Start with a quick warm-up that includes two rounds of: 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of wall pushups or pushups from knees, 30 seconds of traveling side squats.

The warm-up takes 3 minutes and is very important if you want to be able to make it through 3 rounds of killer exercises in under 21 minutes.

Once you warm-up continue with 50 seconds of each of the following exercises also featured in the video below:

plank walk outs with pushups

sumo squat with sandbell toss

trx hip thrusts to bodyweight rows

valslide reverse lunges with sandbell press

mountain climbers (add valslides if you can handle it)

valslide plank to pike (perform regular plank to pike if adding valslides is too hard or hurts your back)

Only take 10 seconds to transition between exercises and after one full circuit rest for 60 seconds then repeat two more times.

Tips for beginners, people with low back issues, weak core or upper bodies, and those with poor flexibility:

If you have trouble with the pushups just drop the knees to the floor for the pushup portion of the exercise but be sure to resume the plank position before walking it back up to standing.

When you sumo squat and begin to lift the bag be sure to contract the abs to support the low back and no bending from the waist. Get down low and stretch those glutes and the low back (this is a strength exercise as well as a core stability exercise and also a hip mobility exercise (bootcamp workouts address many aspects of fitness not just strength).

When having trouble with balance, slow the exercises down and focus on form. After you get the form down then work on going a bit faster. Use your abs to stabilize at all times!

If you don't have the fitness gear you see in the video then just improvise and use what you have until you're ready to upgrade. i.e. a towel wrapped around a pole or railing is just as effective for bodyweight rows as a suspension trainer. A dumbbell works like a sandbell except you can't slam it. Try to think outside the box.

Can't touch the floor with legs straight? Bend the knees a bit. Your flexibility will improve over time.

Can't complete 50 seconds of work with good form? Go slower until you build endurance and strength or try 30-40 seconds of work instead (keep the 10 sec. transitions).

Tips for Intermediates & Advanced:

Want to increase the intensity? Try 2 pushups at the bottom instead of one. Use a slightly heavier sandbag or add some rotation to your sandbag exercises. Use the valslides for the mountain climbers. Place your chest directly under the suspension trainer anchor point with legs straight. Add abduction to the valslide plank pike (legs out the in before piking up). Just push beyond your comfort zone but do it safely.

My abs and inner thighs are killing me today thanks to the valslide pikes and lunges. I had done these before with the round gliding discs but the valslides are more challenging because the discs are smaller and they glide more easily which means you have to work harder to control your body.

Got questions? Ask me below : )

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Total Body Boot Camp Workout

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Questions and keepin it simple
by: Donna

Hey Monica, I like the way this workout looks, but I have a question about pushing through from researching the best workout to actually getting started and putting together a routine. I am currently trying to do a Zumba or a dance type aerobic class a couple of times a week. I would like to have a workout at home that I can do either along side every day or the other 3 days a week. The problem that I am running into is this. I come from the background includes info where you workout on certain days and rest on others and you don't want to overwork or train so don't workout back to back etc... This is actually keeping me from getting started, as well as the lack of ability to put together a plan, I am not sure what to put together when, and I really need to do this on my own as finances dictate that I am not allowed to go out and purchase someone else plan. I need to lose at least 15 lbs of fat as I am abt 5'4 and 155. I am not afraid of muscle, but over all I just want to be strong and leaner. Can you help give me direction so that I can get past looking at what everyone else is doing and have my own success story?

workout plan tips
by: Monica

Hey Donna

That is a great question. Zumba is cardio, and the total body boot camp workout is a circuit workout that is designed to burn fat but is also considered resistance training so there is no issue with you doing both several times a week since they are completely different types of workouts.

Besides most people need some form of daily exercise to combat our sedentary lifestyle. The idea that you need a rest day comes from bodybuilders who train one body part with a lot of intensity 2 times per week. Most of us don't train like that so we can workout daily without any issues. As long as you're not repeating the same movement patterns on consecutive days you should be fine.

Ideally you should not be sticking to the same workouts for more than 4-6 weeks. Mix things up and don't be afraid to try new things. It's what your body needs in order to get results and avoid plateaus and injuries.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your input abt. this. So basically if you were to do a circuit one day that involved lunges and squats, the next day, you are going to focus on doing a circuit that involves perhaps more of the upper body and some cardio like mount. climbers and high knees, planks etc... is that correct thinking? So what I can kind of focus on is picking probly 4-6 exercises and doing those in a circuit and just making sure that the muscle groups I am working are getting a day of rest so I am not doing squats,lunges, or abs 5 times a week right?

Thanks again! and Merry Christmas

Warm Up/ Stretching
by: Don

Hi Monica

I love all the exercises here. I want to know if i need to do additional stretching before the warmup or after the warmup? And what about when you cool down? What would be good for that?



more total body boot camp tips
by: Monica

Hey Guys

Thanks for posting and I am so sorry I missed the Dec. post with all those great questions. That is correct anonymous. You don't want to be doing the same stuff every single day so mix up your exercises so that you focus on something a little different each day. The most important thing is to feel like your workout is challenging enough so that your body is making progress each time you train.

Also for Don, the warm-up and cool down are super important so thanks for bringing that up. I have a few here on the site. I usually spend 7-10 min. doing mobility warmup exercises with all my clients and my own body too. You will notice a huge difference in range of motion during exercises as well as endurance. Try these workouts: warmup exercises, mobility exercises, or fat burning warmup exercises or the video below. I have so many others so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get weekly tips on how to use all these workouts.

After your workout it's best to do about 10 min. of stretching. A traditional flexibility exercises routine is great but a quick post workout yoga flow or yoga workout is even better.

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