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Butt Lift Exercises and Cardio Butt Workout

by Monica

The best but lift exercises that won't bulk up your thighs can double up as a killer cardio butt workout. They burn more fat than silly laying on the floor isolation exercises, are more fun, and require using just a few fun pieces of inexpensive fitness gear including valslides, resistance band, and small medicine ball.

Here are the best butt lift exercises combined into an intense cardio butt workout that will lift and firm your butt, banish cellulite, and burn tons of fat and calories.

Cardio Butt Workout - Perform each exercise in the superset for 45 seconds (45 sec. on each side for single side moves). After one round rest 20 seconds then repeat two more times. Do the same with superset 2 and 3.

Butt Lift Exercises Superset 1
Gliding disc reverse lunge to lateral lunge
Saggital reach with medicine ball chop

Butt Lift Exercises Superset 2
Single leg SDL to curtsey lunge
Box step down with knee drive hop

Butt Lift Exercises Superset 3
Resistance band lateral march
Valslide 1 leg pike w/leg lift

After you complete all your supersets continue with 4 minutes of jumping jack squats with medicine ball chop (featured at the very end of the video). Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.

Finish up with a 5 minute walk or 5 minutes of flow yoga.

Butt Lift Workout Tips

1. The deeper you lunge the harder your butt has to work.

2. Always push through the heel as you raise back up. This protects your knee and low back and is key to lifting the butt.

3. Keep your abs engaged at all times for support and better balance.

4. Move faster on the more dynamic exercises (the 2nd exercise in each superset) to burn more fat.

5. Use a Gymboss interval timer to stay focused and to track improvements over time. You may only be able to get 6-8 reps of each exercise in the beginning but work up to 12-15 reps over time.

6. Modify any exercise to your level. Break it down into more manageable parts, slow it down, or limit range of motion, but make sure the workout feels challenging.

7. Bend the knees a bit with the plank exercise if necessary and squeeze the butt hard as you lift leg.

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Butt Lift Exercises and Cardio Butt Workout

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Song in the video
by: Salma

Hi! What's the name of the song you used in the video?? I love it!


butt lift music
by: Monica

Hey Salma

It's called Always by Amon Tobin, a brazilian electronic musician and dj who composes a lot of music for video games and movies.

His best album is Supermodified. I also used his music in my yoga flow workout the TRX Cardio Workout and my Aerial dance video.

Love this workout!
by: Melissa Daniele

Absolutley loved this workout! I tried it out on my own and then used it in my class and they loved it, too!

Please enter me in the TRX Gymboss b-day giveaway!

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