Post Workout Yoga Flow

by Monica

My post workout yoga flow takes 5 minutes and will release built up tension from your workout. The trick to getting the most out of your post workout yoga poses or stretches is to flow from one pose to the next slowly.

I know that the last thing most people want to do after a hard workout is spend time cooling down but doing this quick 5 minute yoga flow will lengthen tight muscles, prevent injuries, boost fatloss, correct postural imbalances, and improve energy, endurance, and performance the next time you train.

How can a post workout yoga flow help you burn more fat? When you workout your cortisol and testosterone levels go way up. Testosterone boosts fatloss but cortisol blocks fatloss.

A calming yoga flow can help lower cortisol levels much faster but your testosterone levels will remain high which means more fatloss for you.

The Yoga Flow below takes about 2 1/2 minutes on each side. You can repeat it 3 times on each side if you feel like a longer yoga session.

Post Workout Yoga Flow
Mountain pose
Standing forward bend
Deep lunge w/quad/psoas stretch
Revolved triangle prep
Downward dog
Low pushup
Upward dog
Downward dog
Single leg downward dog
Deep lunge
Monkey pose prep (1/2 splits)
Standing forward bend
Mountain pose
Repeat on other side

Yoga Flow Tips

1. Try not to rush. I know, easier said than done. As you can see in the video I have a hard time with it too.

2. Focus on your breathing to transition with ease and sink deeper into each pose.

3. Modify with blocks if necessary (my clients and I call yoga blocks arm extenders).

4. Play some music that helps you relax and put on more clothes if you're body starts to cool down too fast.

5. Try not to judge yourself or compete with more advanced yogis. Yoga isn't about achieving poses it's about tuning into your body to achieve other goals (spirituality, more flexibility, better balance, whatever you're trying to accomplish).

Have questions about yoga? Ask me below.

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Post Workout Yoga Flow

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Yoga Breaths
by: Jeri

Hi Monica,
I know I have to take very deep yoga breaths while holding poses (something I am constantly working on). I've read different opinions but how many breaths is ideal to hold a pose?

Also, are there any poses I should avoid (besides the balance poses) with my knee injury?


yoga poses and breathing tips
by: Monica

Hey Jeri

When holding a pose 5 breaths is the magic number. I'm not sure about other types of yoga but in vinyasa (flow yoga) it's always 5 cycles of breath and 5 salutations.

About the only pose you really need to be careful with is any type of warrior pose. Warrior is like an isometric deep lunge so you want to make sure the front knee is always aligned over heel and the back leg is straight but never locked down so tight it puts pressure on the back knee.

You can find more buoyancy in this pose by contracting the lower abs and pelvic floor muscles.

The video below features aweseome tips that will improve your practice big time.

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