Jump Rope Exercises to Burn Fat, Boost Endurance, & Get Toned

Jump rope exercises are great for fatloss, endurance, and coordination. They also tone the entire body, especially the abs, arms, legs, and feet.

If you enjoyed jumping rope as a kid then you'll be happy to know that it's just like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it and it's still lots of fun.

Below you'll find some great jump rope tips and workouts to help you get started. You can also read about the different jump ropes available and a great jump free jump rope alternative that burns tons of fat.

Jump Rope Exercises Tips to Boost Fatloss & Endurance

According to experts jump rope exercises can burn 1000 calories per hour but only athletes with super endurance or dedication can jump that long.

If you're jumping for fatloss then short jump intervals work better and are more fun. Here are 5 ways to incorporate the jump rope into your fatloss workouts.

1. Jump rope 5-7 minutes to warm-up before your workouts. Alternate 30-60 seconds on then 30-60 seconds of walking in place. If you're less coordinated then go as long as you can then recover for 10-20 seconds then go again.

2. Add jump rope intervals at the end of each superset, mini-circuit, or giant circuit. If you're doing lunges then push-ups then rows just add jumps at the end of those 3 exercises then rest and repeat the entire circuit again.

3. Combine jump rope intervals with your ab circuit workout. Use any of the ab circuit workouts on the site and just add in 30-60 seconds of jump rope between ab exercises. If you are a beginner you can add intervals in after every two ab exercises.

4. Finish up an arm workout with 4 minutes of jump rope intervals. You'll burn fat, build full body endurance, and really feel the burn in your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

5. Combine moderate paced cardio with more intense jump rope intervals. Walk or jog at a moderate pace for 5 minutes then speed jump for 1-2 minutes. Alternate back and forth for 20 minutes and double your calories burned.

Get started with my Jump Rope Workout 10 minutes of high intensity jump rope exercises that blast fat and tone the legs, arms, and abs.

Best Jump Ropes for Your Fatloss Workouts

I've used virtually every rope out there and so have my clients and even though it seems like a simple piece of equipment all the styles are very different and have pros and cons. Read about them below so you can find the best rope for your needs.

Beaded Jump Rope is the one most of us used at school. It's adjustable and has a good solid feel when you're jumping but there are a few major issues with this rope. If you're not very coordinated a whack to the leg really hurts. If you use your rope often the beads will break. If you're looking to speed jump then this rope will slow you down. A great rope for those who can jump and want a good arm workout but not the best choice for beginners or those who want to move quickly.

Leather Jump Rope with wood handles feels light and is the most versatile. It's great for all types of jumping exercises and allows you to pick up speed too. You can add weight if you want a tougher upper body workout and this rope won't get kinks or creases that can throw off your coordination. The only downside is that it's not adjustable so you have to get the ideal size for your height and you can't share it with a taller or shorter person.

Nylon Non-Weighted Jump Rope with wood handles is the softest rope you can buy. It feels limp and getting it to rotate fast is a challenge. It's a great choice for beginners and the less coordinated, those who want to jump barefoot, or for kids. Not so great for speed jumping or traveling jumps.

PVC Speed Jump Rope has two types of handles plastic or foam (this is really a matter of preference). It's light and designed to go fast. Some come with extra weight, fancy counters, and calories burned counters, but all this extra stuff is unnecessary and can get in the way of great jump rope workouts. The best pvc rope is a plain one that fits your height. PVC is my #1 choice for most people.

The Best Alternative to Jump Rope Exercises

So what do you do if you want to workout with ropes but jump rope exercises are too high impact for your body? Try Intro to Rolling Ropesby Bosu creator David Weck.

David shows you how to blast fat and develop serious balance, coordination, agility, strength, endurance and more with 4 rolling ropes patterns that don't require jumping. Watch the video below and see why this could be an even more effective and fun workout than regular jump rope workouts.