Best Exercise Equipment for Fatloss Workouts

by Monica

Thinking about buying a treadmill or an expensive home gym for your fatloss workouts? Before you do, here's a fun fitness gear story and something to consider before you buy that outrageously expensive machine.

Two summers ago my boyfriend bought an elliptical. I told him this was a dumb move but he insisted he would use it. After a couple of months of sporadic workouts he stopped using it so I started using it as a band attachment station. There I am in the picture doing band pulls with a resistance band. I also used it for rows, curls, and even bodyweight rows with a towel.

I rarely used it as a cardio machine because I prefer to walk and sprint outdoors, jump rope, or go crazy at the park with my son. When we moved this summer to a house about 3 times the size of the apartment we were living in the machine came with us. Can you guess where it is now? If you said the garage collecting dust then you are correct but I don't have a prize just a quick lesson to help you burn fat.

Nordic Track Elliptical Machine - $998
All My Fitness Gear (TRX, medicine balls, weights, yoga mats, superbands, resistance bands, valslides, balance discs, gym boss timer, sandbells, stability ball etc.) - $500
Fat Blasting Results Getting Workout Plan - $0
Telling Your Trainer Girlfriend You Need To List The Useless Machine On Craig's List - Priceless

If you're thinking about buying an expensive piece of fitness equipment to burn fat then don't. You don't need it and you can get a whole lot of other fun fitness gear that will get you much better results for about 1/2 the price. I've been stocking up on fitness gear for the past 3 years and it's not even come close to what my boyfriend paid for that silly machine.

Stick with fun fitness gear that keeps you motivated and that challenges your entire body. Working with fitness equipment that's versatile is what really matters when it comes to fatloss. Want to know what fitness equipment will help you burn fat? Check out my Cheap Home Gym Guide and get the 411 on how to build a cheap home gym you'll actually use.

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Best Exercise Equipment for Fatloss Workouts

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Another reason to skip expensive machines
by: Monica

Another very important reason to skip the expensive machines and stick to smaller fitness gear is functional fitness.

Not only does using smaller gear that challenges every muscle in your body burn more fat and calories it also conditions your body with integrated dynamic movement that improves function and performance.

In the video below you can see how a small and inexpensive piece of fitness gear can provide a much more challenging total body fatloss workout that also improves shoulder and core stability.

The sandbell is actually my new favorite piece of equipment and it beats any cardio machine, ab gadget, or chest machine at the gym. It's intense and very fun.

A 10 lb Sandbell is only $16 while a boring elliptical machine is $998. Get clued in about how to get a better body with affordable fitness gear that actually works.

portable home gym equipment are better
by: fitness equipment

You are absolutely right in saying that the small, easy to use home gym equipment are the ones we should buy for setting up our home gym. Smaller fitness equipment are both easy to use and cost effective. Your suggestion about the portable home gym equipment is really helpful and a good guidance for those who are novice in starting off with personal gyms.

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