Ab Roller Workout Advice

by Charlie

I have been wondering about starting an ab roller workout to get rid of my belly fat. Will this work?

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Ab Roller Workout Advice

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Flatten Your Abs With Planks & Healthy Foods
by: Monica

Hey Charlie

Are you talking about the ab roller or the ab wheel? The ab roller is that cage looking thing that has a head rest. If that is the one you are referring to then please stay away from it.

Using the ab roller is the equivalent of doing crunches and yanking your head forward with your hands.

Without getting too technical we have 3 muscle groups that work together to flex the body forward:

1. the deep cervical flexors are the deep neck muscles that bring your head forward

2. the trunk flexors include the recuts abdominis (the famous 6 pack muscles) and the

3. ilipsoas group including the psoas major and iliacus

These muscles are all meant to work together so when you lay your head on a support and just allow it to get pulled back and forth by a device you're weakening the cervical flexors which causes forward head posture and contributes to poor upper body posture which causes poochy abs (the complete opposite of what most people are after).

A study conducted by the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University concluded that "the Ab Roller was proven to be virtually no more effective than the traditional crunch while the AB Rocker was shown to be up to 80 percent less effective."

The bicycle, knee raises on the captain's chair, and stability ball crunches were found to be the top 3 exercises but in another study conducted at Berkeley, prone ab wheel exercises were found to be even better and this is a newer study.

The truth is that all plank style exercises beat any type of laying down or crunch ab exercise and the most important thing about plank exercises is that they burn tons of fat too.

Ever seen anybody break a sweat from doing crunches or knee raises? Probably not but people will start sweating like crazy when they try the plank moves in my video below.

My favorite plank move is the valslide pike from my total body bootcamp workout. It kills!!!!

Also don't forget that flat abs and ab fatloss will not happen unless 90% of the foods you eat are lean body foods (diet is really the best ab fatloss tool).

Try 100 crunches today then the following day try 10-15 reps of all the planks in the video here (back to back no rest) and tell me what you think. Be sure to keep those abs pulled in tight to stabilize.

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