Top 10 Diets to Lose Fat Fast

The top 10 diets to lose fat fast don't involve starving, cutting out entire food groups, or obsessing about calories.

The best fatloss diets for people who want to lose fat the smart way and keep it off forever are actually easy to follow. Get started with any of the plans below and be sure to check out the two videos to learn more about how to eat for fatloss results.

Top 10 Diets: 5 Great Options for Beginners

The top 10 diets that teach you exactly how and what to eat so you can burn maximum fat and get results quickly. No starving required!

The Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life Focuses on eating 5-6 meals a day, using smoothies to control calories and boost metabolism, provides lists of what to eat from 12 power food lists. All my boot camp clients used to get a copy of this book as part of their program. I gave mine to my sister.

The Diet Solution Program The best plan for people who are sick of dieting and who want to learn how to eat healthy for life. Incorporates some metabolic typing principles so you can fine tune your diet to your body and start getting results without having to completely deprive yourself. Encourages people to follow the 80/20 principle so you never feel deprived and tempted to binge. One of the most popular programs written by somebody who overcame her weight issues without crazy diets.

Eating For Life Teaches you how to plan meals so you're eating 5-6 times a day without much hassle, shows you to to make the best choices from simple lists of foods, and how to incorporate cheating into your diet to avoid failure. This is the diet that helped me drop from a size 12 to a size 8 post-pregnancy(1999) and before I became a certified trainer. I used to have this book but gave it to a client.

Fat Burning Furnace The perfect plan for the total beginner who is completely confused about what to eat. Great for those who are just getting started with weightloss. Very motivational and super easy to follow and includes workout guidance too. This is currently rated the #1 healthy diet and exercise plan online.

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! The holistic approach to weightloss, fatloss, and wellness. This book shows you how to take control of all the factors that are keeping fat and shows you how to achieve your ideal weight by optimizing your health. The workout section of this book is amazing and required reading for all CHEK practitioners so I have this book and use it all the time.

Top 10 Diets: 5 Best Choices for Intermediates or Advanced dealing with Stubborn Fat

The top 10 diet choices below are great options for people who eat healthy but need to fine tune their eating for maximum fatloss.

Burn The Fat The best fatloss ebook ever written. Explains exactly what it takes to burn belly fat and lower bodyfat to single digits offers hundreds of useful strategies that work to lose belly fat and get sexy abs. Best choice for people tired of working out hard and not getting results. I have this book and it's chock full of killer fatloss tips!

Carb Rotation Diet Shows you how to manipulate carb and fat intake so your body starts using stored fat as fuel. Teaches you meal planning tactics that keep you on track. This is the diet strategy I used drop from a size 4 and 22% bodyfat to a size 2 and 17% bodyfat in less than two weeks back when I first became a certified trainer(2002). It's still my go to diet when I need to get lean fast! I have many carb rotation ebooks and books.

Conquer the Fat-Loss Code Shows you how to train your body to use stored fat for fuel and how to cycle between low carbs, moderate carbs, and high carbs to achieve fast and lasting fatloss. This carb cycling plan is similar to carb rotation but slightly more advanced. The video here explains Carb Cycling.

Metabolic Typing Diet The best choice for people who eat healthy but can't find the right mix of carbs protein and fat for maximum fatloss. If you stick to a healthy eating plan but your results are far from spectacular then this plan will show you exactly how to fine tune your carb, protein, and fat ratios for amazing results. I have this book and it's been very helpful for fine tuning my carb intake.

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet - How Estrogenic Foods and Chemicals Are Making You Fat and Sick The ideal diet when your body is unable to burn stubborn fat deposits due to stress and a toxic environment. Learn to use foods to detox and restore hormonal imbalances that cause stubborn fat. My top choice for women over 35 and men over 50 who want to balance hormones and get ultra lean. I used this plan to recover from adrenal fatigue back in 2006 and it helped me lose a few pounds of stubborn fat quickly. I have two copies of this book. I might give one away in January.